West League Cup East Kilbride Cricket Club 1st XI v Weirs 1st X1
Wednesday, June 12 2013 (18:00) at Torrance House
Weirs 1st X1 Won By 4 runs
Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
East Kilbride Cricket Club 1st XI
G Kleindveldtc subb M Akram33
G Meiklec and bS Ashraf4
A Dalgleishc S Parakalab M Akram33
C Smith+c subb D Pettigrew14
A Talpurb R Young4
P Bocockb R Young3
H Singh*c S Parakalab R Young0
S Kampmanb D Pettigrew0
A Kampmanst S Mirb D Pettigrew4
N Ralphsnot out3
C Edmondnot out1
Extras2nb 3w 3lb 1b 0pen 9
Totalfor 9108

Fall Of Wickets
G Meikle1111G Meikle(4) G Kleindveldt(4)
A Dalgleish6857A Dalgleish(33) G Kleindveldt(22)
G Kleindveldt768G Kleindveldt(7) C Smith(1)
C Smith9216C Smith(13) A Talpur(2)
P Bocock975P Bocock(3) A Talpur(2)
A Talpur992A Talpur(0) H Singh(0)
H Singh1001H Singh(0) S Kampman(0)
S Kampman1000S Kampman(0) A Kampman(0)
A Kampman1077A Kampman(4) N Ralphs(3)

Bowlers Scorecard
S Ashraf5.00241
O Akram3.00190
M Akram5.00342
R Young5.00153
D Pettigrew2.00123


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