2-day Parramatta District CC 1sts v Sydney University 1st XI
Saturday, December 07 2013 (10:30) at Old Kings Oval
Sydney University 1st XI Won By 5 wickets
Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Sydney University 1st XI (2nd Innings)
N Larkinnot out68
M Faradayc and bS Cassel16
L Robertsonc M Strettonb S Cassel0
D Millerlbwb B Martin24
G Mail*c M Strettonb B Martin0
S Hobsonc B Martinb J Parkinson25
J Pattisonnot out0
J Richards+
T Ley
W Somerville
N Cowell
Extras0nb 0w 5lb 3b 0pen 8
Totalfor 5141

Fall Of Wickets
M Faraday3333M Faraday(16) N Larkin(9)
L Robertson330L Robertson(0) N Larkin(0)
D Miller8451D Miller(24) N Larkin(27)
G Mail884G Mail(0) N Larkin(4)
S Hobson12537S Hobson(25) N Larkin(12)

Bowlers Scorecard
B Martin9.05272
S Copperfield6.01160
J Parkinson8.30331
D Jackson5.01200
S Cassel6.02192
M Wood2.00180


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