SPL9 T20 Girls Grade Monash Maidens v Girls Grade Superfoxes Sirens
Sunday, October 19 2014 (14:08) at SPL
Girls Grade Superfoxes Sirens Won By 114 runs

Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Girls Grade Monash Maidens
Maryamc V Superfoxesb R Antypas9
Miriamc and bV Superfoxes10
Angie MM*c and bS Goldby4
{ Lizlbwb S Goldby7
A Abby+b S Superfoxes7
S Sophiec S Goldbyb { Nipuni7
T Tingnot out6
R Robynb S Superfoxes0
Extras2nb 17w 5lb 0b 0pen 24
Totalall out74

Fall Of Wickets
Maryam2121Maryam(9) Miriam(6)
Miriam298Miriam(4) Angie MM(4)
Angie MM323Angie MM(0) { Liz(2)
{ Liz4715{ Liz(5) A Abby(4)
S Sophie6215S Sophie(7) A Abby(3)
A Abby7311A Abby(0) T Ting(6)
R Robyn741R Robyn(0) T Ting(0)

Bowlers Scorecard
S Superfoxes3.0082
S Goldby4.00122
{ Nipuni4.00271
R Antypas1.0041
V Superfoxes3.00181