1st Division Ickleford CC Sunday 1st XI v Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI
Sunday, July 24 2016 (13:30) at Ickleford Sports & Recreation Club
(In Play) Ickleford CC Sunday 1st XI lead by 48 runs Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI 215 for 8 (41.0 overs)
Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI
G Morrisst M Hillb M Marsden28
A Goldbergb N Timm3
J Pattnic subb L Marsden43
A De Beerc subb J Timm57
A Jhala*lbwb J Timm44
D Burrowsc and bS Crouch2
E Marshallc subb G Crouch16
A Mitchell+c subb J Timm0
J Waggnot out6
M Waggnot out2
Extras1nb 10w 1lb 2b 0pen 14
Totalfor 8215

Fall Of Wickets
A Goldberg77A Goldberg(3) G Morris(4)
G Morris7366G Morris(24) J Pattni(35)
J Pattni818J Pattni(8) A De Beer(0)
A De Beer16382A De Beer(57) A Jhala(24)
D Burrows1663D Burrows(2) A Jhala(1)
A Jhala20135A Jhala(19) E Marshall(16)
A Mitchell2010A Mitchell(0) E Marshall(0)
E Marshall2087E Marshall(0) J Wagg(2)

Bowlers Scorecard
N Timm5.00311
M Marsden9.01241
L Marsden9.02361
S Crouch9.00671
J Timm7.00433
G Crouch2.00111


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