With 12th Man Cranleigh School 1st XI v SKC 1st
Monday, July 03 2017 (11:00) at Jubilee
Cranleigh School 1st XI Won By 50 runs
Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
SKC 1st
C Ansellc C Pyleb M Bell6
S Dhambagolla*b S Dickson83
S Setiac C Pyleb M Bell0
S Keenest C Pyleb N Lubbock74
J Lowec C Pyleb S Dickson0
K Tataurangist C Pyleb N Lubbock5
T Pringlec F Austinb N Lubbock0
T Bettleheimc T Lawesb S Dickson16
B Servicenot out16
W O'Rooukeb M Bell2
D Bahttinot out0
Extras0nb 14w 4lb 2b 0pen 20
Totalfor 9222

Fall Of Wickets
C Ansell77C Ansell(6) S Dhambagolla(1)
S Setia114S Setia(0) S Dhambagolla(2)
S Dhambagolla163152S Dhambagolla(80) S Keene(61)
J Lowe1630J Lowe(0) S Keene(0)
S Keene17815S Keene(13) K Tataurangi(1)
K Tataurangi1835K Tataurangi(4) T Pringle(0)
T Pringle1863T Pringle(0) T Bettleheim(3)
T Bettleheim20519T Bettleheim(13) B Service(6)
W O'Roouke22217W O'Roouke(2) B Service(10)

Bowlers Scorecard
J Turner9.01350
M Bell10.00523
T Lawes3.00250
S Dickson9.03353
A Dahl9.01360
N Lubbock10.02333


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