Premier Division Berkswell CC 1st XI v Walsall CC 1st XI
Saturday, July 08 2017 (12:00) at The Lant
Berkswell CC 1st XI Won By 71 runs
Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Walsall CC 1st XI
D Bettylbwb G Thornton14
D Coxb R Sidebottom22
B Thomasonc D Ostlerb M Ahmed25
J Middleton*+b D Maddy44
P Byrnerun out(G Thornton)59
E Denhamlbwb G Thornton0
B Coxc T Lewisb G Thornton6
S Plantb R Sidebottom5
P Wickerb R Sidebottom0
S Millsb R Sidebottom0
R Byrnenot out2
Extras3nb 4w 5lb 10b 0pen 22
Totalall out199

Fall Of Wickets
D Betty4141D Betty(14) D Cox(22)
D Cox454D Cox(0) B Thomason(4)
B Thomason10156B Thomason(21) J Middleton(29)
J Middleton16968J Middleton(15) P Byrne(48)
E Denham1701E Denham(0) P Byrne(1)
B Cox18717B Cox(6) P Byrne(8)
S Plant1925S Plant(5) P Byrne(0)
P Wicker1942P Wicker(0) P Byrne(1)
S Mills1962S Mills(0) P Byrne(1)
P Byrne1993P Byrne(0) R Byrne(2)

Bowlers Scorecard
R Sidebottom16.04354
T Milnes4.00250
G Thornton13.02433
A Hepburn6.00210
M Ahmed10.01431
D Maddy6.00171


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