Mid Norfolk Sunday League Swaffham CC 1st XI v Swardeston CC Sunday A XI
Sunday, July 16 2017 (13:00) at Shoemakers Lane
Swaffham CC 1st XI Won By 29 runs
Full scorecard
Batsmen Scorecard
Swardeston CC Sunday A XI
AS Levinsonb D Annakin17
MJG Taylorc M Dyeb D Annakin25
AJH Cooperc M Payneb M Dye2
WP Kidnerc A Payneb M Dye9
J Thacker+b J Payne6
DR Martin*c and bM Eagle8
BC Hoggb M Eagle16
TRS Oxleyb A Vincent5
SJ Thelwellnot out8
TWT Chambersnot out3
AR Melton
Extras4nb 3w 5lb 3b 0pen 15
Totalfor 8114

Fall Of Wickets
AS Levinson3838AS Levinson(17) MJG Taylor(20)
MJG Taylor479MJG Taylor(5) AJH Cooper(2)
AJH Cooper514AJH Cooper(0) WP Kidner(1)
J Thacker6514J Thacker(6) WP Kidner(6)
WP Kidner694WP Kidner(2) DR Martin(2)
DR Martin8617DR Martin(6) BC Hogg(6)
TRS Oxley959TRS Oxley(5) BC Hogg(4)
BC Hogg10510BC Hogg(6) SJ Thelwell(2)

Bowlers Scorecard
M Friend2.00230
D Annakin4.00202
M Dye4.00222
J Payne4.00131
M Eagle4.00172
A Vincent2.00111


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