Arthur Sanders Great Ayton CC 3rd XI v Middlesbrough CC 3rd XI
Wednesday, May 01 2013 (18:00) at Leven Park
Middlesbrough CC 3rd XI Won By 16 runs
Middlesbrough CC 3rd XI won toss and decided to bat
Middlesbrough CC 3rd XI Great Ayton CC 3rd XI
164 all out (19.0 overs)148 for 7 (20.0 overs)
1 Hour, 16 Minutes.1 Hour, 9 Minutes.
Middlesbrough CC 3rd XI
M Bellc T Reevellb J Russell67437273155.81
C Bruton+b G Coates22192031115.79
J Willisb G Coates010000.00
D Greyc S Doughtyb S Harper044000.00
N Hopperb J Thompson2831234090.32
D Brutonc and bM Tanfield53310166.67
P Wrightb J Thompson1061010166.67
C Birchamb J Russell056000.00
a shrindalst R Atkinsb G Coates023000.00
B Kandikondac M Brownb G Coates1450025.00
T Roberts*not out11200100.00
Extras3nb 21w 3lb 3b 0pen 30
Total164all out
M Tanfield4.005615(14)1(1)30.0014.00
S Harper4.002810(0)0(0)24.007.00
G Coates4.001542(5)0(0)6.503.75
J Russell3.002320(0)0(0)9.007.67
J Thompson4.003622(2)2(2)14.009.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Bruton1-4545C Bruton(22) M Bell(14)5.3
J Willis2-450J Willis(0) M Bell(0)5.4
D Grey3-461D Grey(0) M Bell(1)6.3
N Hopper4-9347N Hopper(28) M Bell(14)12.6
D Bruton5-10613D Bruton(5) M Bell(2)13.4
P Wright6-15044P Wright(10) M Bell(27)16.1
M Bell7-16111M Bell(9) C Bircham(0)17.4
C Bircham8-1610C Bircham(0) a shrindal(0)17.5
a shrindal9-1632a shrindal(0) B Kandikonda(1)18.4
B Kandikonda10-1641B Kandikonda(0) T Roberts(1)18.6
Great Ayton CC 3rd XI
J Russellb a shrindal6971066.67
J Thompsonc M Bellb J Willis84657083129.23
S Doughtyb a shrindal1210920120.00
T Reevellst C Brutonb T Roberts1014200071.43
A Dunningc D Greyb D Bruton105411200.00
M Tanfieldc D Brutonb J Willis39100033.33
S Harperc M Bellb D Bruton1391111144.44
M Brownnot out004000.00
G Coates*not out000000.00
H Ward
R Atkins+
Extras0nb 4w 1lb 5b 0pen 10
Total148for 7
a shrindal3.001720(0)0(0)9.005.67
B Kandikonda3.002500(0)0(0)0.008.33
M Bell3.002800(0)0(0)0.009.33
T Roberts3.003110(0)0(0)18.0010.33
D Bruton4.002420(0)0(0)12.006.00
J Willis4.001722(4)0(0)13.004.25
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Russell1-1616J Russell(6) J Thompson(6)2.2
S Doughty2-3620S Doughty(12) J Thompson(7)4.6
T Reevell3-9660T Reevell(10) J Thompson(50)11.3
A Dunning4-10711A Dunning(10) J Thompson(1)12.3
M Tanfield5-1169M Tanfield(3) J Thompson(3)15.2
S Harper6-13923S Harper(13) J Thompson(8)18.3
J Thompson7-1489J Thompson(9) M Brown(0)19.6
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard
Scorers: S Thorogood