Friendly Hurlingham Club 1st X1 v Old Wykehamists Old Wykemists
Sunday, June 09 2013 (11:39) at Hurlingham Club
Old Wykehamists Old Wykemists Won By 76 runs
Old Wykehamists Old Wykemists won toss and decided to bat
Old Wykehamists Old Wykemists Hurlingham Club 1st X1
209 all out (44.2 overs)133 all out (40.0 overs)
1 Hour, 56 Minutes.2 Hours, 24 Minutes.
Old Wykehamists Old Wykemists
J Irvine-Fortescueb E Brown34291551117.24
S Cheethamc F MacGregorb G Brooksbank825120132.00
J Waltersb O Slack715632141126.79
R Mortonb E Brown91622056.25
S McArther*lbwb G Brooksbank3043555169.77
R O'Keefelbwb O Slack022000.00
G Close-Brooksc O Slackb S Kennedy2858665048.28
J McGowenb S Kennedy1226221146.15
O Pumphrey+c F MacGregorb G Brooksbank991810100.00
j Wilkinsnot out044000.00
R Shipsterlbwb G Brooksbank011000.00
Extras3nb 2w 3lb 0b 0pen 8
Total209all out
G Brooksbank17.246041(1)3(3)27.003.46
E Brown13.025821(1)0(0)39.504.46
O Slack6.004120(0)0(0)18.006.83
F Lyon3.001800(0)0(0)0.006.00
S Kennedy5.002920(0)0(0)15.005.80
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Cheetham1-2121S Cheetham(8) J Irvine-Fortescue(13)6.2
J Irvine-Fortescue2-5130J Irvine-Fortescue(21) J Walters(8)11.4
R Morton3-7827R Morton(9) J Walters(17)15.6
J Walters4-13153J Walters(46) S McArther(5)24.1
R O'Keefe5-1310R O'Keefe(0) S McArther(0)24.3
S McArther6-15827S McArther(25) G Close-Brooks(2)32.3
J McGowen7-18224J McGowen(12) G Close-Brooks(11)39.3
G Close-Brooks8-20826G Close-Brooks(15) O Pumphrey(9)43.2
O Pumphrey9-2091O Pumphrey(0) j Wilkins(0)44.1
R Shipster10-2090R Shipster(0) j Wilkins(0)44.2
Hurlingham Club 1st X1
A Howesonc R O'Keefeb R Shipster2640455065.00
J Chapmanb J McGowen520191025.00
S Chapmanb G Close-Brooks742551016.67
J Mossc J McGowenb R O'Keefe26243460108.33
S Razvic J Waltersb J Irvine-Fortescue3556585162.50
F MacGregor+b R O'Keefe1760014.29
E Brownlbwb J Irvine-Fortescue923302039.13
O Slackc S Cheethamb J Irvine-Fortescue045000.00
G Brooksbank*not out13132220100.00
F Lyonc S Cheethamb R Shipster49101044.44
S Kennedyb R Shipster021000.00
Extras0nb 2w 1lb 4b 0pen 7
Total133all out
J McGowen6.011810(0)0(0)36.003.00
R Shipster12.043330(0)0(0)24.002.75
G Close-Brooks10.022510(0)0(0)60.002.50
R O'Keefe8.033620(0)0(0)24.004.50
J Irvine-Fortescue4.011631(2)0(0)8.334.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Chapman1-1717J Chapman(5) A Howeson(8)6.3
A Howeson2-3518A Howeson(18) S Chapman(0)13.5
S Chapman3-6934S Chapman(7) J Moss(26)20.3
J Moss4-734J Moss(0) S Razvi(4)21.3
F MacGregor5-752F MacGregor(1) S Razvi(1)23.1
E Brown6-10025E Brown(9) S Razvi(16)32.3
O Slack7-11010O Slack(0) S Razvi(10)34.1
S Razvi8-1155S Razvi(4) G Brooksbank(1)36.6
F Lyon9-13318F Lyon(4) G Brooksbank(12)39.4
S Kennedy10-1330S Kennedy(0) G Brooksbank(0)39.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: K Hopley C peacock
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