Winter Cricket League T20 Canning Tigers Winter v Psychosocials Winter
Saturday, August 03 2013 (13:38) at Coker Park A
Psychosocials Winter Won By 4 wickets
Canning Tigers Winter won toss and decided to bat
Canning Tigers Winter Psychosocials Winter
38 for 6 (19.2 overs)135 for 6 (20.0 overs)
1 Hour, 3 Minutes.1 Hour, 12 Minutes.
Canning Tigers Winter
P Fisherc O Povahb D Pearson410130040.00
J Stockeyc M Earpb J Turnball042000.00
D Sedgwickc D Armstrongb D Pearson053000.00
C Duggan+c J Armstrongb A Earp942420021.43
J Ryanst J Armstrongb M Earp11917005.26
R Ismalagerun out(P Edwards)923331039.13
S Michael*not out913161069.23
B Downing
J Downing
R Allen
Extras0nb 6w 0lb 0b 0pen 6
Total38for 6
J Turnball4.03410(0)0(0)24.001.00
D Pearson4.00423(3)0(0)13.501.00
M McCarran2.00400(0)0(0)0.002.00
M Earp3.02110(0)0(0)18.000.33
M Renton3.001601(1)0(0)0.005.33
A Earp2.00412(2)0(0)14.002.00
J Armstrong1.00500(0)0(0)0.005.00
P Edwards0.20000(0)0(0)0.000.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Stockey1-00J Stockey(0) P Fisher(0)0.4
D Sedgwick2-11D Sedgwick(0) P Fisher(1)1.5
P Fisher3-65P Fisher(3) C Duggan(1)3.4
J Ryan4-126J Ryan(1) C Duggan(3)9.5
C Duggan5-2513C Duggan(5) R Ismalage(6)15.1
R Ismalage6-3813R Ismalage(3) S Michael(9)19.2
Psychosocials Winter
O Povahb P Fisher25232531108.70
M McCarranlbwb D Sedgwick2032392062.50
J Edwardsc J Ryanb D Sedgwick714130050.00
M Rentonb R Allen1411920127.27
J Armstrongc J Ryanb R Allen1112230191.67
P Edwards*+b R Allen5750071.43
D Armstrongnot out30171813176.47
M Earpnot out158930187.50
A Earp
J Turnball
D Pearson
Extras4nb 4w 0lb 0b 0pen 8
Total135for 6
R Ismalage3.001901(2)0(0)0.006.33
C Duggan3.011101(1)2(3)0.003.67
P Fisher2.001310(0)1(1)13.006.50
J Stockey3.002500(0)0(0)0.008.33
D Sedgwick3.001520(0)0(0)9.005.00
R Allen3.00930(0)0(0)6.003.00
J Ryan2.003701(1)0(0)0.0018.50
S Michael1.00600(0)0(0)0.006.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Povah1-4040O Povah(25) M McCarran(9)6.5
J Edwards2-5919J Edwards(7) M McCarran(11)10.5
M McCarran3-590M McCarran(0) M Renton(0)10.6
M Renton4-7516M Renton(14) J Armstrong(2)13.4
P Edwards5-8712P Edwards(5) J Armstrong(7)15.1
J Armstrong6-11326J Armstrong(2) D Armstrong(23)17.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Lockyer
Referee: S Michael
Scorers: K Hall