Total Cricket Scorer
Sagicor T20 CounterPoint Wanderers v Barbados Youth
Saturday, May 03 2014 (14:00) at DAYRELL'S ROAD
CounterPoint Wanderers Won By 14 runs
Points: CounterPoint Wanderers: 4 Barbados Youth: 0
CounterPoint Wanderers won toss and decided to bat
CounterPoint Wanderers Barbados Youth
147 for 6 (20.0 overs)133 all out (19.4 overs)
1 Hour, 24 Minutes.1 Hour, 31 Minutes.
CounterPoint Wanderers
S Moseleyc M Jonesb N Kirton58536670109.43
J Drakesc Y Grantb T Shorey43410133.33
KA Edwardsb S Springer15112030136.36
R Reiferc N Kirtonb S Springer021000.00
KC Brathwaite*lbwb N Kirton89161088.89
JP Greeneb T Shorey34343731100.00
DMS Stuartnot out14101810140.00
N Charlesnot out11100100.00
RD Arthur+
GM Belle
CLJ Clarke Reifer
Extras2nb 9w 1lb 1b 0pen 13
Total147for 6
T Shorey4.003423(3)0(0)13.508.50
M Jones4.002701(1)0(0)0.006.75
S Springer4.003524(4)1(1)14.508.75
C Williams4.003201(1)1(1)0.008.00
N Kirton4.001720(0)0(0)12.004.25
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Drakes1-77J Drakes(4) S Moseley(3)0.6
KA Edwards2-4336KA Edwards(15) S Moseley(13)4.4
R Reifer3-430R Reifer(0) S Moseley(0)4.6
KC Brathwaite4-6926KC Brathwaite(8) S Moseley(17)9.1
S Moseley5-10839S Moseley(25) JP Greene(12)15.3
JP Greene6-14436JP Greene(22) DMS Stuart(12)19.4
Barbados Youth
S Richardsc GM Belleb DMS Stuart88510100.00
D Belleb DMS Stuart56131083.33
D Wilsonlbwb CLJ Clarke Reifer43400133.33
N Kirtonrun out(CLJ Clarke Reifer)916241056.25
S Springerb DMS Stuart011000.00
J Toppinc RD Arthurb CLJ Clarke Reifer49404852122.50
Z McKaskiec KC Brathwaiteb S Moseley2023381086.96
M Jonesc CLJ Clarke Reiferb S Moseley1291201133.33
Y Grant+c KA Edwardsb R Reifer46100066.67
T Shoreynot out441300100.00
C Williams*b S Moseley53610166.67
Extras1nb 11w 0lb 1b 0pen 13
Total133all out
KC Brathwaite1.00800(0)0(0)0.008.00
DMS Stuart3.001231(1)0(0)6.334.00
CLJ Clarke Reifer4.002220(0)0(0)12.005.50
R Reifer3.002414(8)0(0)22.008.00
GM Belle3.001600(0)0(0)0.005.33
N Charles4.003201(1)0(0)0.008.00
S Moseley1.401831(1)1(1)4.0010.80
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Richards1-99S Richards(8) D Belle(1)1.4
D Wilson2-189D Wilson(4) D Belle(4)2.3
D Belle3-180D Belle(0) N Kirton(0)3.2
S Springer4-180S Springer(0) N Kirton(0)3.3
N Kirton5-4224N Kirton(9) J Toppin(9)7.3
J Toppin6-10260J Toppin(40) Z McKaskie(17)15.3
Z McKaskie7-1119Z McKaskie(3) M Jones(6)17.2
M Jones8-1176M Jones(6) Y Grant(0)17.4
Y Grant9-1236Y Grant(4) T Shorey(1)18.6
C Williams10-13310C Williams(5) T Shorey(3)19.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: GO Brathwaite D Edwards
Referee: C Clarke
Scorers: SYE Belle A Ishmael
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