Turnering Svanholm 1 v Ishøj 1
Sunday, May 04 2014 (10:00) at Svanholm 1
Svanholm 1 Won By 194 runs
Svanholm 1 won toss and decided to bat
Svanholm 1 Ishøj 1
296 for 7 (50.0 overs)102 all out (30.2 overs)
3 Hours, 30 Minutes.2 Hours, 11 Minutes.
Svanholm 1
Z Khan+c and bI Ul Haq15141510107.14
Z Shahc AA Akhtarb A Sana918352050.00
T Singhc I Ul Haqb A Bahadori3257801056.14
H Shahst AA Akhtarb Q Rana79941218084.04
T Ahmedrun out(sub)75679361111.94
H Rashidc Z Akhtarb Q Rana031000.00
M Henriksennot out2526522096.15
A Khan*run out(AA Akhtar)136911216.67
S Ahmednot out32151150213.33
R Chawla
B Javed
Extras0nb 11w 5lb 0b 0pen 16
Total296for 7
A Sana10.018012(2)0(0)62.008.00
I Ul Haq8.004412(2)0(0)50.005.50
S Hafeez8.024702(2)0(0)0.005.88
Q Rana10.004321(1)0(0)30.504.30
A Bahadori7.003512(2)0(0)44.005.00
Z Akhtar5.002601(1)0(0)0.005.20
A Akhtar2.001601(1)0(0)0.008.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Z Khan1-2020Z Khan(15) Z Shah(4)3.3
Z Shah2-3919Z Shah(5) T Singh(12)8.2
T Singh3-9758T Singh(20) H Shah(34)23.2
H Shah4-17982H Shah(45) T Ahmed(33)38.2
H Rashid5-1790H Rashid(0) T Ahmed(0)38.5
T Ahmed6-23859T Ahmed(42) M Henriksen(14)45.1
A Khan7-26224A Khan(13) M Henriksen(10)47.1
Ishøj 1
A Sanac S Ahmedb B Javed1323251056.52
M Adnanb A Khan022000.00
W Hafeezc T Ahmedb A Khan1524482062.50
S Hafeez*b B Javed1215161080.00
A Bahadorib A Khan1220291060.00
I Ul Haqc Z Khanb S Ahmed827460029.63
AA Akhtar+c T Singhb S Ahmed1780014.29
Z Elahic S Ahmedb A Khan1532530046.88
Q Ranac B Javedb T Singh722170031.82
A Akhtarb A Khan31190027.27
Z Akhtarnot out026000.00
Extras3nb 12w 1lb 0b 0pen 16
Total102all out
T Singh6.011814(6)0(0)40.003.00
A Khan8.212652(2)1(1)10.603.12
M Henriksen3.001600(0)2(2)0.005.33
B Javed4.001521(2)0(0)12.503.75
Z Shah4.011202(2)0(0)0.003.00
S Ahmed4.001320(0)0(0)12.003.25
H Shah1.00100(0)0(0)0.001.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Adnan1-00M Adnan(0) A Sana(0)1.2
A Sana2-2525A Sana(13) W Hafeez(6)5.4
S Hafeez3-4520S Hafeez(12) W Hafeez(5)9.2
W Hafeez4-516W Hafeez(4) A Bahadori(2)10.6
A Bahadori5-6413A Bahadori(10) I Ul Haq(2)14.5
AA Akhtar6-662AA Akhtar(1) I Ul Haq(1)16.3
I Ul Haq7-7913I Ul Haq(5) Z Elahi(6)20.6
Q Rana8-9314Q Rana(7) Z Elahi(4)25.6
A Akhtar9-1018A Akhtar(3) Z Elahi(4)28.4
Z Elahi10-1021Z Elahi(1) Z Akhtar(0)30.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Scorers: K Naseer
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