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Island Webservices Cup Ventnor CC 3rd XI v Newport CC, Isle of Wight 1st XI
Saturday, May 10 2014 (13:30) at Steephill
Newport CC, Isle of Wight 1st XI Won By 32 runs
Points: Ventnor CC 3rd XI: 0 Newport CC, Isle of Wight 1st XI: 0
Ventnor CC 3rd XI won toss and decided to field
Newport CC, Isle of Wight 1st XI Ventnor CC 3rd XI
322 for 4 (45.0 overs)290 for 9 (45.0 overs)
2 Hours, 43 Minutes.2 Hours, 46 Minutes.
Newport CC, Isle of Wight 1st XI
H Dyec P Krielb A Barton153131141204116.79
G Bricknellb T Friend2643472060.47
J Bartlettb A Barton74751076298.67
T Doblenot out1721221080.95
T Dyeb G Willis2470050.00
E Riddett+not out000000.00
A Brett*
M Webb
M Herbert
D Hayward
M Flambard
Extras3nb 35w 10lb 2b 0pen 50
Total322for 4
G Willis9.016217(11)2(2)63.006.89
A Barton8.013525(6)0(0)26.504.38
C Hibberd9.007802(2)0(0)0.008.67
T Friend9.014316(9)0(0)60.004.78
P Kriel5.004001(2)0(0)0.008.00
D Cox3.003504(4)0(0)0.0011.67
J Attrill2.001701(1)1(1)0.008.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
G Bricknell1-8686G Bricknell(26) H Dye(42)17.1
H Dye2-286200H Dye(111) J Bartlett(60)39.4
J Bartlett3-31327J Bartlett(14) T Doble(12)43.3
T Dye4-3229T Dye(2) T Doble(5)44.6
Ventnor CC 3rd XI
T Friendnot out159124166911128.23
P Krielc H Dyeb M Webb37272760137.04
J Cheek+b M Webb512170041.67
M Pricec H Dyeb G Bricknell2540433062.50
A Cotton*c H Dyeb J Bartlett3240393180.00
D Coxc and bH Dye1550020.00
C Hibberdb M Webb513150038.46
N Sprengalc E Riddettb A Brett1240050.00
J Attrilllbwb J Bartlett1240050.00
G Willisb A Brett2340066.67
A Bartonnot out021000.00
Extras0nb 7w 3lb 12b 0pen 22
Total290for 9
A Brett9.004621(1)0(0)27.505.11
M Webb9.006032(2)0(0)18.676.67
J Bartlett9.007622(2)0(0)28.008.44
G Bricknell9.015812(2)0(0)56.006.44
H Dye9.003510(0)0(0)54.003.89
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
P Kriel1-5656P Kriel(37) T Friend(16)7.5
J Cheek2-6913J Cheek(5) T Friend(7)11.5
M Price3-16192M Price(25) T Friend(61)24.4
A Cotton4-22362A Cotton(32) T Friend(27)36.4
D Cox5-2274D Cox(1) T Friend(2)37.6
C Hibberd6-26538C Hibberd(5) T Friend(25)41.6
N Sprengal7-2683N Sprengal(1) T Friend(2)42.4
J Attrill8-28315J Attrill(1) T Friend(14)43.5
G Willis9-2907G Willis(2) T Friend(5)44.4
Weather: Windy Pitch: Playable
Umpires: K Mitchell A Keller
Scorers: H Toms
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