55 Overs Dulwich College 1st XI v Harrow 1st XI
Saturday, May 17 2014 (11:15) at Dulwich College
Dulwich College 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Dulwich College 1st XI Harrow 1st XI
210 all out (51.5 overs)210 all out (53.5 overs)
3 Hours, 7 Minutes.3 Hours, 5 Minutes.
Dulwich College 1st XI
WH Anthonyst RG Whiteb M Smith1832352056.25
D Chohan*c J Gristb D Desilva461081272042.59
AJW Rackowlbwb A Rath2036451055.56
AD Greenidgec RG Whiteb A Rath6674784189.19
AG Nedenc S Assanib A Rath2131391067.74
JS Orfordst RG Whiteb S Assani611190054.55
JP Waughc RG Whiteb M Elworthy155421300.00
CB Swinburn+c S Assanib A Rath1750014.29
DJH Patelc RG Whiteb S Assani029000.00
A Purwarc J Gristb A Rath1580020.00
T Thorntonnot out33000100.00
Extras1nb 3w 2lb 7b 0pen 13
Total210all out
M Elworthy10.022410(0)1(1)61.002.40
M Smith10.005212(2)0(0)62.005.20
M Kellock10.004100(0)0(0)0.004.10
S Assani8.022520(0)0(0)24.003.13
A Rath9.514251(1)0(0)12.004.27
D Desilva4.001710(0)0(0)24.004.25
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
WH Anthony1-2525WH Anthony(18) D Chohan(5)9.2
AJW Rackow2-6035AJW Rackow(20) D Chohan(14)21.3
D Chohan3-11656D Chohan(27) AD Greenidge(26)36.2
AD Greenidge4-17963AD Greenidge(40) AG Neden(19)45.2
AG Neden5-1845AG Neden(2) JS Orford(3)47.2
JP Waugh6-20016JP Waugh(15) JS Orford(1)48.2
CB Swinburn7-2033CB Swinburn(1) JS Orford(2)49.7
JS Orford8-2041JS Orford(0) DJH Patel(0)50.2
DJH Patel9-2051DJH Patel(0) A Purwar(0)50.4
A Purwar10-2105A Purwar(1) T Thornton(3)51.5
Harrow 1st XI
F Ruffellc JP Waughb AD Greenidge313120023.08
D Desilva*c AG Nedenb DJH Patel561051321053.33
RG White+lbwb D Chohan1832262056.25
A Rathc CB Swinburnb D Chohan716190043.75
D Stewardc AJW Rackowb DJH Patel731001034073.00
S Wijeratnec AG Nedenb D Chohan1723271073.91
J Gristnot out1214282085.71
S Assanilbwb D Chohan045000.00
M Kellocklbwb A Purwar11070010.00
M Smithc D Chohanb A Purwar4790057.14
M Elworthyc AD Greenidgeb A Purwar011000.00
Extras2nb 12w 2lb 3b 0pen 19
Total210all out
D Chohan11.014743(3)0(0)17.254.27
A Purwar10.522833(3)0(0)22.672.58
AD Greenidge9.003713(3)2(2)59.004.11
DJH Patel10.013422(2)0(0)31.003.40
T Thornton8.003801(1)0(0)0.004.75
WH Anthony5.002100(0)0(0)0.004.20
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
F Ruffell1-88F Ruffell(3) D Desilva(5)4.3
RG White2-3628RG White(18) D Desilva(8)12.3
A Rath3-5418A Rath(7) D Desilva(9)18.3
D Desilva4-15096D Desilva(34) D Steward(54)40.3
S Wijeratne5-18939S Wijeratne(17) D Steward(18)47.3
D Steward6-1912D Steward(1) J Grist(0)48.1
S Assani7-1932S Assani(0) J Grist(2)49.2
M Kellock8-2007M Kellock(1) J Grist(4)51.2
M Smith9-21010M Smith(4) J Grist(6)53.4
M Elworthy10-2100M Elworthy(0) J Grist(0)53.5
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
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