Group Castleford CC 1st XI v Yorkshire Academy CC 1st XI
Sunday, June 08 2014 (10:00) at Savile Park, Castleford
Yorkshire Academy CC 1st XI Won By 48 runs
Castleford CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Yorkshire Academy CC 1st XI Castleford CC 1st XI
128 for 9 (20.0 overs)80 for 8 (20.0 overs)
1 Hour, 13 Minutes.1 Hour, 8 Minutes.
Yorkshire Academy CC 1st XI
E Callis (J)st B Shelton (J)b E Morrison2114921150.00
W Rhodes (J)*st B Shelton (J)b J Shutt25223811113.64
R Gibsonc L Hyde (J)b A Winstanley034000.00
M Hussain (J)c L Hyde (J)b E Morrison1230050.00
J Thompsonrun out(J Randerson)1622271072.73
B Gibson+lbwb J Shutt77900100.00
J Warner (J)c W Simpson (J)b L Hyde (J)1118150061.11
K Carverc C Finanb J Randerson5880062.50
E Barnesb J Randerson56100083.33
M Waitenot out610110060.00
L Stablernot out238603287.50
Extras0nb 5w 3lb 0b 0pen 8
Total128for 9
E Morrison4.002620(0)0(0)12.006.50
D Sharp2.001802(2)0(0)0.009.00
A Winstanley3.001213(3)0(0)21.004.00
L Hyde (J)4.002610(0)0(0)24.006.50
J Shutt4.001420(0)0(0)12.003.50
J Randerson3.002920(0)0(0)9.009.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
E Callis (J)1-2727E Callis (J)(21) W Rhodes (J)(5)2.4
R Gibson2-292R Gibson(0) W Rhodes (J)(0)3.3
M Hussain (J)3-301M Hussain (J)(1) W Rhodes (J)(0)4.1
W Rhodes (J)4-6434W Rhodes (J)(20) J Thompson(12)9.2
J Thompson5-7511J Thompson(4) B Gibson(7)11.3
B Gibson6-772B Gibson(0) J Warner (J)(1)11.6
K Carver7-8811K Carver(5) J Warner (J)(5)14.4
J Warner (J)8-946J Warner (J)(5) E Barnes(1)16.1
E Barnes9-995E Barnes(4) M Waite(1)17.1
Castleford CC 1st XI
C Financ B Gibsonb M Waite89111088.89
D Sharpb J Warner (J)712150158.33
W Simpson (J)c L Stablerb E Barnes613141046.15
L Hyde (J)c and bK Carver918300050.00
C Fisherb E Barnes21060020.00
J Randerson*b K Carver011000.00
F Collinsb E Barnes2833230284.85
J Shuttnot out814200057.14
A Winstanleyb J Warner (J)032000.00
B Shelton (J)+not out77510100.00
E Morrison
Extras0nb 5w 0lb 0b 0pen 5
Total80for 8
J Warner (J)3.001221(1)0(0)9.504.00
M Waite4.02511(1)0(0)25.001.25
W Rhodes (J)2.001600(0)0(0)0.008.00
E Barnes3.01630(0)0(0)6.002.00
K Carver4.001721(1)0(0)12.504.25
R Gibson2.00901(1)0(0)0.004.50
L Stabler2.001501(1)0(0)0.007.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Finan1-1616C Finan(8) D Sharp(7)3.1
D Sharp2-160D Sharp(0) W Simpson (J)(0)4.2
W Simpson (J)3-248W Simpson (J)(6) L Hyde (J)(1)6.5
C Fisher4-284C Fisher(2) L Hyde (J)(1)8.6
J Randerson5-291J Randerson(0) L Hyde (J)(1)9.2
L Hyde (J)6-4819L Hyde (J)(6) F Collins(11)13.4
F Collins7-7123F Collins(17) J Shutt(6)17.4
A Winstanley8-721A Winstanley(0) J Shutt(1)18.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Damp
Umpires: S Malone B Oliver
Scorers: S Phillips H Galley
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