1st XI Division 3 Calverley St Wilfrids CC 1st XI v Illingworth CC 1st XI
Saturday, August 02 2014 (14:44) at Victoria Park
Points: Calverley St Wilfrids CC 1st XI: 6 Illingworth CC 1st XI: 8
Calverley St Wilfrids CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Illingworth CC 1st XI Calverley St Wilfrids CC 1st XI
185 for 7 (32.0 overs)60 for 4 Abandon (16.0 overs)
2 Hours, 3 Minutes.56 Minutes.
Illingworth CC 1st XI
R Farrell-Smithb J Hudson041000.00
J Lawtonc A Longb J Hudson0410000.00
J Whiteleyc S Driscollb T Simpson8679102112108.86
C Cookrun out(T Simpson)3362705053.23
V Brooksbyb T Simpson118911137.50
J Moorhousenot out22193230115.79
B Robertshawc T Simpsonb T Westerman85401160.00
L Brooksby*c N Panesarb T Simpson54300125.00
M Sewell+not out1081010125.00
L Kelly
B Clarke
Extras1nb 0w 1lb 8b 0pen 10
Total185for 7
J Hudson9.032120(0)0(0)27.002.33
N Panesar8.004900(0)1(1)0.006.13
T Simpson8.006130(0)0(0)16.007.63
T Westerman7.004510(0)0(0)42.006.43
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Farrell-Smith1-00R Farrell-Smith(0) J Lawton(0)0.4
J Lawton2-99J Lawton(0) J Whiteley(8)2.3
C Cook3-10293C Cook(33) J Whiteley(55)21.4
V Brooksby4-12725V Brooksby(11) J Whiteley(10)23.6
J Whiteley5-14821J Whiteley(13) J Moorhouse(8)27.2
B Robertshaw6-15810B Robertshaw(8) J Moorhouse(2)28.3
L Brooksby7-1646L Brooksby(5) J Moorhouse(1)29.2
Calverley St Wilfrids CC 1st XI
J Thornhillb L Kelly1622243072.73
A Long+c J Lawtonb J Moorhouse1118312061.11
S Driscollb L Kelly61041060.00
J Chapmannot out1226262046.15
B Waller*b L Brooksby29110022.22
D Hallnot out812120066.67
C Coates
J Hudson
N Panesar
T Simpson
T Westerman
Extras1nb 0w 4lb 0b 0pen 5
Total60for 4 Abandon
J Moorhouse6.012010(0)1(1)37.003.33
L Kelly5.012120(0)0(0)15.004.20
L Brooksby3.01610(0)0(0)18.002.00
J Whiteley2.00900(0)0(0)0.004.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Thornhill1-2525J Thornhill(16) A Long(6)5.2
S Driscoll2-3712S Driscoll(6) A Long(5)7.6
A Long3-370A Long(0) J Chapman(0)8.1
B Waller4-447B Waller(2) J Chapman(5)11.4
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Damp
Umpires: DN Lambert PC Murden
Scorers: D Havercroft L Hargreaves
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