Second Teams Division Two Undercliffe 2ndXI v Pudsey St Lawrence 2ndXI
Saturday, August 02 2014 (12:58) at Intake Road
Pudsey St Lawrence 2ndXI Won By 3 wickets
Points: Undercliffe 2ndXI: 4 Pudsey St Lawrence 2ndXI: 16
Undercliffe 2ndXI won toss and decided to bat
Undercliffe 2ndXI Pudsey St Lawrence 2ndXI
129 all out (31.4 overs)130 for 7 (28.3 overs)
1 Hour, 59 Minutes.1 Hour, 43 Minutes.
Undercliffe 2ndXI
Z Ghaffarb J Moore528351017.86
D Drakec J Allmanb R Thornton1440025.00
A Mahmoodb R Thornton1235581034.29
T Aminb R Thornton2570040.00
P Dixon*c I Priestleyb A Scott5960709098.33
A Ahmedst J Allmanb A Scott1729330158.62
A Frostc and bC Sharkey81071080.00
A Holroyd+not out16151411106.67
S Dawsonrun out(J Allman)11100100.00
D Prattb A Scott010000.00
M Khanrun out(A Scott)1220050.00
Extras0nb 5w 2lb 0b 0pen 7
Total129all out
J Moore7.031210(0)0(0)42.001.71
R Thornton10.032831(5)0(0)20.332.80
J Wilson2.002000(0)0(0)0.0010.00
A Scott7.003030(0)0(0)14.004.29
C Sharkey5.403710(0)0(0)34.006.53
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Drake1-22D Drake(1) Z Ghaffar(1)1.1
Z Ghaffar2-2119Z Ghaffar(4) A Mahmood(8)8.3
T Amin3-243T Amin(2) A Mahmood(1)9.3
A Mahmood4-5329A Mahmood(3) P Dixon(26)15.2
A Ahmed5-9643A Ahmed(17) P Dixon(26)24.6
A Frost6-10711A Frost(8) P Dixon(3)27.3
P Dixon7-12518P Dixon(4) A Holroyd(14)30.4
S Dawson8-1261S Dawson(1) A Holroyd(0)30.5
D Pratt9-1260D Pratt(0) A Holroyd(0)30.6
M Khan10-1293M Khan(1) A Holroyd(2)31.4
Pudsey St Lawrence 2ndXI
A Scottc and bA Frost1620243080.00
D Butlerc A Holroydb A Mahmood1533412045.45
J Smithc Z Ghaffarb A Frost1481030175.00
O Beckettb A Frost067000.00
W Sharpc A Frostb A Ahmed3146414167.39
J Moorec A Frostb D Drake2630433186.67
I Priestley*c Z Ghaffarb D Drake5791071.43
J Allman+not out1621142076.19
J Wilsonnot out1480025.00
R Thornton
C Sharkey
Extras4nb 0w 1lb 1b 0pen 6
Total130for 7
A Frost7.002430(0)1(1)14.333.43
M Khan3.002200(0)0(0)0.007.33
A Mahmood7.012910(0)3(3)45.004.14
A Ahmed7.303310(0)0(0)45.004.40
D Drake4.012020(0)0(0)12.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Scott1-2727A Scott(16) D Butler(9)6.2
J Smith2-4417J Smith(14) D Butler(2)8.4
D Butler3-495D Butler(4) O Beckett(0)9.6
O Beckett4-490O Beckett(0) W Sharp(0)10.4
W Sharp5-9748W Sharp(31) J Moore(15)22.3
J Moore6-10811J Moore(11) I Priestley(0)23.2
I Priestley7-1135I Priestley(5) J Allman(0)25.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Sutcliffe N Johnson
Scorers: J Frost R Allinson