Chess Valley Stevenage Sunday 1st XI v Chorleywood Sunday 1st XI
Sunday, August 17 2014 (13:00) at Ditchmore Lane
Stevenage Sunday 1st XI Won By 115 runs
Stevenage Sunday 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Stevenage Sunday 1st XI Chorleywood Sunday 1st XI
290 for 4 (45.0 overs)175 for 8 (45.0 overs)
2 Hours, 48 Minutes.2 Hours, 39 Minutes.
Stevenage Sunday 1st XI
C Whitworthlbwb J Ryan2643615060.47
G Brownc TP Smithsonb JK Smithson2229313175.86
E Leeb A Neal75638184119.05
J Chapman*not out10696106130110.42
L Brownc E Rogersb J Ryan30283840107.14
N Dereknot out16151601106.67
D Kilbey+
R Justin
S Tyler
Z Shaw
M Anil
Extras3nb 6w 2lb 4b 0pen 15
Total290for 4
JK Smithson10.016912(3)2(2)64.006.90
A Neal10.034610(0)1(1)61.004.60
W Bryant7.003302(2)0(0)0.004.71
J Ryan10.008220(0)0(0)30.008.20
M Hodson5.003700(0)0(0)0.007.40
TP Smithson3.001701(1)0(0)0.005.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
G Brown1-4949G Brown(22) C Whitworth(24)8.1
C Whitworth2-7425C Whitworth(2) E Lee(21)16.1
E Lee3-17298E Lee(54) J Chapman(41)29.4
L Brown4-25179L Brown(30) J Chapman(46)40.4
Chorleywood Sunday 1st XI
T Wilsonc D Kilbeyb R Justin3259586054.24
N Rothbandb M Anil741541017.07
R Kennedyc D Kilbeyb R Justin313180023.08
TP Smithsonb R Justin011000.00
J Bungardb R Justin728351025.00
E Rogers+lbwb C Whitworth4873805065.75
M Hodsonc subb S Tyler18182130100.00
JK Smithson*not out49304160163.33
J Ryanrun out(sub)033000.00
W Bryantnot out44210100.00
A Neal
Extras0nb 3w 2lb 2b 0pen 7
Total175for 8
Z Shaw10.024301(1)0(0)0.004.30
S Tyler10.034110(0)0(0)60.004.10
M Anil10.012710(0)0(0)60.002.70
R Justin10.022542(2)0(0)15.502.50
L Brown3.002100(0)0(0)0.007.00
C Whitworth2.001410(0)0(0)12.007.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
N Rothband1-3838N Rothband(7) T Wilson(30)16.1
T Wilson2-402T Wilson(2) R Kennedy(0)17.3
TP Smithson3-400TP Smithson(0) R Kennedy(0)17.4
R Kennedy4-5111R Kennedy(3) J Bungard(6)21.1
J Bungard5-7221J Bungard(1) E Rogers(20)29.1
M Hodson6-9826M Hodson(18) E Rogers(6)33.6
E Rogers7-17072E Rogers(22) JK Smithson(48)43.4
J Ryan8-1711J Ryan(0) JK Smithson(1)44.2
Weather: Sunny after earlier rain. Pitch: Hard
Scorers: H Smithson
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