20 Overs Glenmore Cricket Club Glenmore Royals v Fish Creek Cayotes Cayotes
Friday, May 15 2015 at
Fish Creek Cayotes Cayotes Won By 7 wickets
Glenmore Cricket Club Glenmore Royals won toss and decided to bat
Glenmore Cricket Club Glenmore Royals Fish Creek Cayotes Cayotes
65 all out (19.1 overs)68 for 3 (14.0 overs)
Glenmore Cricket Club Glenmore Royals
M Gardinerc N Khanb M Hussain04000.00
A Biswasnot out301941157.89
A Wakefieldb W Asif360050.00
JR (J.R)b W Asif01000.00
M Honywood*c and bF Saqib6130046.15
S Epurb W Asif120050.00
R Agarwalb P Singh5200025.00
P Deol+lbwb S Zahoor3110027.27
Q Mahmoodb N Khan2190010.53
M Saeedc S Zahoorb N Khan3150020.00
J Honywoodretired, not out140025.00
C Williamsrun out(R Wadhwani)01000.00
Extras0nb 10w 1lb 0b 0pen 11
Total65all out
M Hussain2.001110(0)0(0)12.005.50
P Singh3.001812(5)0(0)20.006.00
W Asif4.01932(2)0(0)8.672.25
N Khan4.011821(1)0(0)12.504.50
F Saqib4.01511(1)0(0)25.001.25
S Zahoor2.10311(1)0(0)14.001.38
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Gardiner1-00M Gardiner(0) A Biswas(0)0.4
A Wakefield2-2424A Wakefield(3) A Biswas(16)3.1
JR (J.R)3-240JR (J.R)(0) A Biswas(0)3.2
A Biswas4-4824A Biswas(14) M Honywood(6)6.6
S Epur5-491S Epur(1) M Honywood(0)7.1
M Honywood6-490M Honywood(0) R Agarwal(0)8.2
P Deol7-556P Deol(3) R Agarwal(1)11.2
R Agarwal8-605R Agarwal(4) Q Mahmood(1)15.3
Q Mahmood9-622Q Mahmood(1) M Saeed(1)16.4
M Saeed10-653M Saeed(2) J Honywood(1)18.6
J Honywood11-650J Honywood(0) C Williams(0)19.1
C Williams12-650C Williams(0) A Biswas(0)19.2
J Honywood13-650J Honywood(0) A Biswas(0)19.3
C Williams14-650C Williams(0) A Biswas(0)19.4
Fish Creek Cayotes Cayotes
K Boilgc J Honywoodb S Epur01000.00
R Wadhwani+c M Gardinerb S Epur02000.00
A Kamilnot out24341070.59
S Hasanb A Wakefield13340038.24
M Hussainnot out12152080.00
S Zahoor*
F Saqib
N Khan
W Asif
M Ahmad
P Singh
Extras2nb 16w 1lb 0b 0pen 19
Total68for 3
S Epur3.00922(5)0(0)10.003.00
M Saeed3.002005(5)2(2)0.006.67
A Biswas4.002403(4)0(0)0.006.00
A Wakefield3.00712(2)0(0)20.002.33
M Honywood1.00700(0)0(0)0.007.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
K Boilg1-00K Boilg(0) R Wadhwani(0)0.1
R Wadhwani2-11R Wadhwani(0) A Kamil(1)0.4
S Hasan3-4443S Hasan(13) A Kamil(17)9.3
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Wet
Scorers: Paul Cousins