BDCL-The South Forest Division 3 Clumber Park CC 2nd XI v Edwinstowe CC 2nd XI
Saturday, August 15 2015 (13:30) at Clumber Park CC
(In Play) Edwinstowe CC 2nd XI lead by 25 runs Clumber Park CC 2nd XI 118 for 6 (32.2 overs)
Points: Clumber Park CC 2nd XI: 0 Edwinstowe CC 2nd XI: 0
Edwinstowe CC 2nd XI won toss and decided to bat
Edwinstowe CC 2nd XI Clumber Park CC 2nd XI
143 for 8 (46.0 overs)118 for 6 (32.2 overs)
2 Hours, 44 Minutes.1 Hour, 41 Minutes.
Edwinstowe CC 2nd XI
P Delahunty+run out(M Cox)11921005.26
J Loweb L Bircumshaw416120025.00
J Kirk*c D Jervisb S Dean928490032.14
C Tebbettb L Bircumshaw119501122.22
A Rhodesnot out571161367049.14
L Jacksonb A Smith746450015.22
L Tebbettb A Smith1570020.00
R Mellinsb A Smith1770014.29
A Marshallb A Smith411131036.36
M Lowenot out32232430139.13
D Brittlebank
Extras4nb 5w 2lb 5b 0pen 16
Total143for 8
S Dean13.031112(2)1(1)81.000.85
L Bircumshaw10.015120(0)0(0)30.005.10
A Smith13.043140(0)1(1)19.752.38
B Perkins6.001901(1)2(2)0.003.17
O Dean4.002402(2)0(0)0.006.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Lowe1-55J Lowe(4) P Delahunty(0)3.6
P Delahunty2-61P Delahunty(1) J Kirk(0)6.1
C Tebbett3-1711C Tebbett(11) J Kirk(0)7.5
J Kirk4-3619J Kirk(9) A Rhodes(6)18.1
L Jackson5-6428L Jackson(7) A Rhodes(14)31.5
L Tebbett6-739L Tebbett(1) A Rhodes(7)33.4
R Mellins7-774R Mellins(1) A Rhodes(3)35.5
A Marshall8-8912A Marshall(4) A Rhodes(8)39.5
Clumber Park CC 2nd XI
C Bramall+b M Lowe31070030.00
T Rixc L Tebbettb A Marshall1530333050.00
W Bircumshawc A Marshallb D Brittlebank1665622024.62
L Bircumshawnot out4767674170.15
O Deanc J Kirkb P Delahunty22161412137.50
D Jervisb R Mellins033000.00
E Tilleyb R Mellins031000.00
B Perkinsnot out66810100.00
M Cox*
A Smith
S Dean
Extras5nb 0w 3lb 1b 0pen 9
Total118for 6
D Brittlebank13.061410(0)0(0)78.001.08
M Lowe4.012010(0)5(5)29.005.00
A Marshall7.012510(0)0(0)42.003.57
L Jackson3.003200(0)0(0)0.0010.67
P Delahunty3.201310(0)0(0)20.003.90
R Mellins2.001020(0)0(0)6.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Bramall1-1111C Bramall(3) T Rix(5)1.5
T Rix2-3726T Rix(10) W Bircumshaw(11)9.6
W Bircumshaw3-6730W Bircumshaw(5) L Bircumshaw(24)24.1
O Dean4-9932O Dean(22) L Bircumshaw(10)28.4
D Jervis5-1023D Jervis(0) L Bircumshaw(3)29.3
E Tilley6-1020E Tilley(0) L Bircumshaw(0)29.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Whitlam N Hall
Scorers: K Cox N Fenwick