Division Two Sutton Coldfield CC 1st XI v Eastnor CC 1st XI
Saturday, August 15 2015 (12:00) at Rectory Park
Sutton Coldfield CC 1st XI lead by 226 runs Sutton Coldfield CC 1st XI 226 for 6 (50.0 overs)
Points: Sutton Coldfield CC 1st XI: 0 Eastnor CC 1st XI: 0
Eastnor CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Sutton Coldfield CC 1st XI Eastnor CC 1st XI
226 for 6 (50.0 overs)
3 Hours, 13 Minutes.
Sutton Coldfield CC 1st XI
J Smithc and bJ Khalid3663851157.14
L Harrisonb S Ali1522292168.18
L Thomason+c C Chadhanib S Shah411011185040.59
M Guestc K Mehranb S Ali5570935078.57
J Huntc Shahid Ahmedb S Ali35293240120.69
T Eustacelbwb A Ur Rehman046000.00
T Wrightnot out1591201166.67
G Clark*not out22700100.00
G Hodgkinson
J Sargent
D Childs
Extras0nb 17w 8lb 2b 0pen 27
Total226for 6
Shahid Ahmed10.003502(3)0(0)0.003.50
Shameer Ahmed4.012004(4)0(0)0.005.00
S Ali9.005635(5)0(0)19.676.22
J Khalid10.012711(3)0(0)61.002.70
A Ur Rehman10.014011(1)0(0)61.004.00
S Shah6.012311(1)0(0)37.003.83
M Ahmed1.001500(0)0(0)0.0015.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
L Harrison1-3636L Harrison(15) J Smith(10)6.2
J Smith2-8549J Smith(26) L Thomason(15)21.2
L Thomason3-15166L Thomason(26) M Guest(37)39.3
M Guest4-20453M Guest(18) J Hunt(33)47.1
J Hunt5-2062J Hunt(2) T Eustace(0)47.3
T Eustace6-2082T Eustace(0) T Wright(2)48.3
Eastnor CC 1st XI
J Khalid
S Shah
Shahid Ahmed
Shameer Ahmed
A Ur Rehman
S Ali
M Ahmed
C Chadhani*+
T Jamil
K Mehran
J Madyembwa
Extras0nb 0w 0lb 0b 0pen 0
Total0for 0
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: M Stocker I Bavers
Scorers: S Smith C Hughes