Championship Division 1 A Sandyford CC, Staffs 1st XI v Blythe CC, Staffs 1st XI
Saturday, September 05 2015 (12:00) at Shelford Road
Sandyford CC, Staffs 1st XI Won By 102 runs
Points: Sandyford CC, Staffs 1st XI: 25 Blythe CC, Staffs 1st XI: 6
Blythe CC, Staffs 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Sandyford CC, Staffs 1st XI Blythe CC, Staffs 1st XI
195 all out (54.4 overs)93 all out (46.2 overs)
2 Hours, 43 Minutes.2 Hours, 27 Minutes.
Sandyford CC, Staffs 1st XI
M Taylorc C Plantb C Grimley112472045.83
D Coatesc C Beechb M Stanyer1537311040.54
C Komasaruc C Plantb L Bridgett10101220100.00
J Barnettc K Hollinsb M Stanyer641121255057.14
C Leesec A Heslopb K Hollins1634351147.06
J Wardst C Plantb U Indrasiri6898907369.39
C Harrisonc M Barlowb M Stanyer2870025.00
S Shemilt+c A Heslopb U Indrasiri022000.00
J Pringle*not out32600150.00
D Robertsb M Stanyer012000.00
I Fosterc and bM Stanyer011000.00
Extras0nb 2w 3lb 1b 0pen 6
Total195all out
C Grimley9.013610(0)0(0)54.004.00
L Bridgett6.002212(2)0(0)38.003.67
M Stanyer21.446050(0)0(0)26.002.77
K Hollins7.013710(0)0(0)42.005.29
U Indrasiri11.003620(0)0(0)33.003.27
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Taylor1-2020M Taylor(12) D Coates(6)6.2
C Komasaru2-3515C Komasaru(10) D Coates(5)9.4
D Coates3-394D Coates(4) J Barnett(0)12.2
C Leese4-7839C Leese(16) J Barnett(23)23.4
J Barnett5-17597J Barnett(41) J Ward(54)50.3
C Harrison6-18611C Harrison(2) J Ward(8)52.5
S Shemilt7-1882S Shemilt(0) J Ward(2)53.2
J Ward8-1924J Ward(4) J Pringle(0)53.7
D Roberts9-1953D Roberts(0) J Pringle(3)54.3
I Foster10-1950I Foster(0) J Pringle(0)54.4
Blythe CC, Staffs 1st XI
A Heslopc S Shemiltb C Harrison914142064.29
C Plant+st S Shemiltb C Komasaru838491021.05
R Gindersb D Roberts919142047.37
C Beechc J Barnettb C Komasaru828440028.57
C Grimley*c and bC Komasaru1162610017.74
U Indrasiric C Harrisonb C Leese3883593145.78
M Barlowst S Shemiltb C Komasaru034000.00
A Primeb C Komasaru110180010.00
K Hollinsc D Coatesb C Komasaru11210008.33
M Stanyernot out0911000.00
L Bridgettc D Coatesb C Komasaru011000.00
Extras1nb 0w 2lb 5b 0pen 8
Total93all out
D Roberts9.002110(0)0(0)54.002.33
C Harrison7.031210(0)1(1)43.001.71
C Komasaru16.262670(0)0(0)14.001.59
I Foster2.00600(0)0(0)0.003.00
J Pringle10.022000(0)0(0)0.002.00
C Leese2.01110(0)0(0)12.000.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Heslop1-1010A Heslop(9) C Plant(0)3.5
R Ginders2-2515R Ginders(9) C Plant(2)8.5
C Plant3-3510C Plant(6) C Beech(3)13.3
C Beech4-4712C Beech(5) C Grimley(7)20.4
C Grimley5-7225C Grimley(4) U Indrasiri(20)34.6
M Barlow6-764M Barlow(0) U Indrasiri(3)36.4
U Indrasiri7-9216U Indrasiri(15) A Prime(1)41.6
A Prime8-920A Prime(0) K Hollins(0)42.4
K Hollins9-931K Hollins(1) M Stanyer(0)46.1
L Bridgett10-930L Bridgett(0) M Stanyer(0)46.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: T Johnson A Griffin
Scorers: S Barnett B Green
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