55 Overs Wellington College 1st X1 v Eton College 1st X1
Saturday, April 30 2016 (10:54) at Turf
Eton College 1st X1 Won By 4 wickets
Wellington College 1st X1 won toss and decided to bat
Wellington College 1st X1 Eton College 1st X1
257 for 8 (55.0 overs)258 for 6 (54.0 overs)
3 Hours, 16 Minutes.3 Hours, 18 Minutes.
Wellington College 1st X1
W Bowcockc A Treonb S Ellison36314070116.13
J Davieslbwb J Hardman581141335050.88
S Curran*st A Russellb F O'Brien4051504178.43
A Shoffc N McDonaghb S Ellison5759677096.61
J Subramanyanrun out(N McDonagh)1850012.50
S Kanwarc F O'Brienb S Ellison1322271059.09
A Dalec J Hardmanb D Hartley-Russell1624330066.67
S Sweetland+c A Russellb W Whipple1819221094.74
M Frostnot out63410200.00
R Garveynot out002000.00
L Methley
Extras3nb 7w 2lb 0b 0pen 12
Total257for 8
W Whipple8.013411(1)0(0)49.004.25
D Hartley-Russell9.006711(1)1(3)56.007.44
S Ellison11.005332(2)0(0)22.674.82
O Bradley5.002800(0)0(0)0.005.60
F O'Brien11.023410(0)0(0)66.003.09
J Hardman11.003913(3)0(0)69.003.55
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
W Bowcock1-5151W Bowcock(36) J Davies(15)9.6
S Curran2-11867S Curran(40) J Davies(25)24.1
J Davies3-17254J Davies(18) A Shoff(34)39.5
J Subramanyan4-1753J Subramanyan(1) A Shoff(1)41.2
A Shoff5-20530A Shoff(22) S Kanwar(6)46.3
S Kanwar6-2138S Kanwar(7) A Dale(1)48.2
S Sweetland7-24734S Sweetland(18) A Dale(11)53.6
A Dale8-2514A Dale(4) M Frost(0)54.3
Eton College 1st X1
A Treonlbwb L Methley3580913143.75
N Harringtonc W Bowcockb A Dale414210028.57
J Hardmanlbwb A Shoff1731333054.84
A Russell*+lbwb J Subramanyan2338451060.53
N McDonaghnot out82841063097.62
F O'Brienc R Garveyb L Methley2347491048.94
T Gnoddec S Curranb M Frost18131930138.46
S Ellisonnot out25192620131.58
D Hartley-Russell
O Bradley
W Whipple
Extras2nb 28w 1lb 0b 0pen 31
Total258for 6
S Curran11.025907(9)1(1)0.005.36
A Dale7.002012(2)0(0)44.002.86
A Shoff3.01713(3)0(0)21.002.33
L Methley11.005422(5)0(0)34.004.91
R Garvey3.001801(1)0(0)0.006.00
J Subramanyan11.013813(5)0(0)69.003.45
M Frost8.006113(3)1(1)52.007.63
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
N Harrington1-1010N Harrington(4) A Treon(6)5.5
J Hardman2-3424J Hardman(17) A Treon(2)14.4
A Treon3-9056A Treon(27) A Russell(17)25.2
A Russell4-10212A Russell(6) N McDonagh(6)28.4
F O'Brien5-17169F O'Brien(23) N McDonagh(40)43.6
T Gnodde6-21140T Gnodde(18) N McDonagh(22)48.5
Weather: Cold Pitch: Green
Umpires: T Spice B King
Scorers: F Young M Farrington