Gazette Cup Berkhamsted CC T20XI v Abbots Langley Cup XI
Friday, June 03 2016 (18:15) at Kitchener's Field
Berkhamsted CC T20XI Won By 3 runs
Points: Berkhamsted CC T20XI: 0 Abbots Langley Cup XI: 0
Berkhamsted CC T20XI won toss and decided to bat
Berkhamsted CC T20XI Abbots Langley Cup XI
107 for 3 (15.0 overs)104 for 7 (15.0 overs)
43 Minutes.52 Minutes.
Berkhamsted CC T20XI
G Preedynot out2939433074.36
L Freyc subb B Finch5671083.33
J O'Neill*+st J Readb D Nightingale33221451150.00
A Goftonc M Parrottb S Bailey1315151086.67
H Greenernot out139511144.44
B Klosterman
R Richards
J Harrison
J Atkins
D Lake
M Henderson
Extras1nb 8w 1lb 4b 0pen 14
Total107for 3
B Finch4.002711(1)0(0)25.006.75
D Nightingale4.002913(4)0(0)27.007.25
N Gurney4.002701(1)0(0)0.006.75
S Bailey3.001911(2)1(1)20.006.33
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
L Frey1-1111L Frey(5) G Preedy(4)2.3
J O'Neill2-5443J O'Neill(33) G Preedy(7)7.5
A Gofton3-8430A Gofton(13) G Preedy(13)13.1
Abbots Langley Cup XI
M Parkinsb J Atkins97520128.57
J Read+b J Harrison18182311100.00
B Finchb J Atkins1115009.09
N Gurneynot out61364035169.44
S Baileyst J O'Neillb J Harrison4890050.00
M Longworthrun out(J O'Neill)010000.00
J Bishopst J O'Neillb B Klosterman58130062.50
C Littleboyb B Klosterman010000.00
D Nightingalenot out011000.00
M Parrott
T Carson*
Extras1nb 2w 2lb 1b 0pen 6
Total104for 7
H Greener4.002300(0)1(1)0.005.75
J Atkins3.002122(2)0(0)10.007.00
J Harrison3.001720(0)0(0)9.005.67
R Richards3.002400(0)0(0)0.008.00
B Klosterman2.001620(0)0(0)6.008.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Parkins1-1313M Parkins(9) J Read(2)1.5
B Finch2-163B Finch(1) J Read(1)3.4
J Read3-3620J Read(15) N Gurney(4)6.4
S Bailey4-5418S Bailey(4) N Gurney(14)10.1
M Longworth5-540M Longworth(0) N Gurney(0)10.2
J Bishop6-10248J Bishop(5) N Gurney(42)14.3
C Littleboy7-1020C Littleboy(0) N Gurney(0)14.4
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Dight
Scorers: S Marsden