2.division Aalborg 1 v Soranerne1
Sunday, June 05 2016 (10:00) at Aalborg
Aalborg 1 Won By 7 wickets
Soranerne1 won toss and decided to bat
Soranerne1 Aalborg 1
113 all out (40.3 overs)114 for 3 (27.4 overs)
2 Hours, 39 Minutes.1 Hour, 44 Minutes.
D Singhc Q Nikab D Blanch728341025.00
V Singhb L Ward426270015.38
N Chaudharyc T Cupidob R ndra2455781143.64
L Bohra*c L Wardb D Blanch311130027.27
V Gopal+c and bSK Muthayal2752793051.92
P Deshpanderun out(sub)32700150.00
V Mahishic and bA Jamal21380015.38
S Singhc Q Nikab SK Muthayal1430271046.67
N Bb A Jamal110170010.00
A Janib L Ward314130021.43
A Alamnot out038000.00
Extras1nb 21w 0lb 3b 0pen 25
Total113all out
L Ward6.33622(2)0(0)20.500.92
D Blanch7.022222(2)0(0)22.003.14
G Singh5.001702(2)0(0)0.003.40
A Jamal10.032023(3)1(1)32.002.00
R ndra3.001616(7)0(0)24.005.33
Q Nika2.001003(4)0(0)0.005.00
SK Muthayal7.011921(1)0(0)21.502.71
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
V Singh1-1313V Singh(4) D Singh(7)8.1
D Singh2-152D Singh(0) N Chaudhary(2)9.5
L Bohra3-2510L Bohra(3) N Chaudhary(6)13.1
N Chaudhary4-7752N Chaudhary(16) V Gopal(18)25.6
P Deshpande5-869P Deshpande(3) V Gopal(4)27.3
V Mahishi6-893V Mahishi(2) V Gopal(0)30.1
V Gopal7-956V Gopal(5) S Singh(1)31.6
N B8-10611N B(1) S Singh(10)36.6
S Singh9-1104S Singh(3) A Jani(1)37.6
A Jani10-1133A Jani(2) A Alam(0)40.3
Aalborg 1
Mr ul islamc subb L Bohra2755631149.09
SK Muthayalc subb A Jani1870012.50
A Jamalc subb D Singh615250040.00
L Wardnot out2546702054.35
NS Hassannot out3343402176.74
D Blanch*+
T Cupido
R ndra
Q Nika
G Singh
H Parikh
Extras1nb 18w 1lb 2b 0pen 22
Total114for 3
L Bohra6.001912(2)0(0)38.003.17
A Jani5.002814(4)1(1)35.005.60
V Mahishi4.002108(9)0(0)0.005.25
D Singh6.002011(1)0(0)37.003.33
N Chaudhary3.00702(2)0(0)0.002.33
S Singh3.401600(0)0(0)0.004.36
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
SK Muthayal1-33SK Muthayal(1) Mr ul islam(1)1.6
A Jamal2-2825A Jamal(6) Mr ul islam(13)8.3
Mr ul islam3-5426Mr ul islam(13) L Ward(7)16.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Kristiansen