Championship Wath CC 1st XI v Sheffield Collegiate CC 2nd XI
Saturday, June 11 2016 (12:44) at Moor Road
Wath CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Wath CC 1st XI Sheffield Collegiate CC 2nd XI
178 all out (48.3 overs)152 for 5 Abandon (44.0 overs)
2 Hours, 38 Minutes.2 Hours, 29 Minutes.
Wath CC 1st XI
R Barlow*c M Anbalaganb B Flanagan2030302066.67
J Allanb B Flanagan1733393051.52
J Bannisterst M Anbalaganb B Fielding419300021.05
W Cooperlbwb B Fielding1226262046.15
S Dyson (OS)c T Eldredb A Varley3965606060.00
J Platerc and bT Eldred1157521019.30
J Hays+b T Eldred79220077.78
J Whitlamlbwb A Varley011000.00
S Whitlamc T Eldredb B Fielding3536344097.22
D Macec B Fieldingb T Eldred515121033.33
S Johnsonnot out012000.00
Extras1nb 16w 4lb 7b 0pen 28
Total178all out
B Flanagan8.022921(5)0(0)24.503.63
C Pickford5.002602(4)1(1)0.005.20
B Fielding11.333834(7)0(0)24.333.30
A Varley15.042620(0)0(0)45.001.73
T Eldred9.004830(0)0(0)18.005.33
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Barlow1-4343R Barlow(20) J Allan(10)8.4
J Allan2-5916J Allan(7) J Bannister(3)10.5
J Bannister3-7415J Bannister(1) W Cooper(12)17.3
W Cooper4-795W Cooper(0) S Dyson (OS)(4)19.1
J Plater5-12950J Plater(11) S Dyson (OS)(35)37.6
S Dyson (OS)6-1290S Dyson (OS)(0) J Hays(0)38.1
J Whitlam7-1290J Whitlam(0) J Hays(0)38.2
J Hays8-15728J Hays(7) S Whitlam(21)43.4
D Mace9-17518D Mace(5) S Whitlam(13)47.6
S Whitlam10-1783S Whitlam(1) S Johnson(0)48.3
Sheffield Collegiate CC 2nd XI
M Anbalagan+lbwb R Barlow2168791030.88
J White (J)c J Haysb S Dyson (OS)616240037.50
G McCarthyst J Haysb R Barlow613291046.15
T Hancocknot out4978943162.82
B Flanaganb R Barlow2654384048.15
A Meadowsb R Barlow3980033.33
A Simpson*not out2325211192.00
B Fielding
C Pickford
A Varley
T Eldred
Extras0nb 14w 3lb 1b 0pen 18
Total152for 5 Abandon
S Dyson (OS)13.004613(7)0(0)81.003.54
S Johnson6.011402(2)0(0)0.002.33
R Barlow15.023441(1)0(0)22.752.27
S Whitlam6.012802(2)0(0)0.004.67
D Mace4.002602(2)0(0)0.006.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J White (J)1-1212J White (J)(6) M Anbalagan(5)6.1
G McCarthy2-3826G McCarthy(6) M Anbalagan(12)13.1
M Anbalagan3-6426M Anbalagan(4) T Hancock(17)21.3
B Flanagan4-10945B Flanagan(26) T Hancock(16)35.2
A Meadows5-1156A Meadows(3) T Hancock(3)37.3
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Damp
Scorers: JD Nichols B Dickinson