1st Division Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI v Ickleford CC Sunday 1st XI
Sunday, June 19 2016 (13:30) at Rotten Row, Great Brickhill
Ickleford CC Sunday 1st XI Won By 4 wickets
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI Ickleford CC Sunday 1st XI
229 for 8 (45.0 overs)233 for 6 (38.0 overs)
2 Hours, 41 Minutes.2 Hours, 36 Minutes.
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI
J Pattnic A Morrisb G Crouch51871023258.62
A Johnb A Morris014000.00
H Miahlbwb A Morris011000.00
A Goldbergb A Morris013000.00
G Morris+c T Gornallb M Marsden851291329365.89
K Burkec A Rossb R Izzard1215262080.00
A Jhala*st A Rossb G Crouch26161703162.50
S Mahendrannot out14131820107.69
J Waggrun out(M Marsden)3440075.00
A Anandannot out15100020.00
M Wagg
Extras2nb 25w 1lb 9b 0pen 37
Total229for 8
A Morris9.003432(2)1(1)19.003.78
M Marsden8.032710(0)0(0)48.003.38
S Crouch6.001701(1)1(1)0.002.83
J Timm9.015402(6)0(0)0.006.00
M Hill4.002904(8)0(0)0.007.25
G Crouch8.004425(6)0(0)26.505.50
R Izzard1.001412(2)0(0)8.0014.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A John1-33A John(0) J Pattni(3)0.5
H Miah2-30H Miah(0) J Pattni(0)0.6
A Goldberg3-30A Goldberg(0) J Pattni(0)2.1
J Pattni4-123120J Pattni(48) G Morris(52)29.4
K Burke5-16643K Burke(12) G Morris(25)36.5
G Morris6-19933G Morris(8) A Jhala(24)40.5
A Jhala7-2045A Jhala(2) S Mahendran(1)41.4
J Wagg8-2117J Wagg(3) S Mahendran(1)42.4
Ickleford CC Sunday 1st XI
A Munnc A Jhalab S Mahendran2351652045.10
A Ross+c A Jhalab S Mahendran887110972123.94
M Hillb H Miah22222830100.00
T Gornallc H Miahb S Mahendran3770042.86
M Dayb S Mahendran011000.00
M Marsdennot out2334522067.65
A Morris*b H Miah1420201170.00
J Timmnot out26222541118.18
G Crouch
S Crouch
R Izzard
Extras0nb 23w 9lb 2b 0pen 34
Total233for 6
J Wagg8.004706(6)0(0)0.005.88
A Jhala8.004505(5)0(0)0.005.63
S Mahendran9.004643(5)0(0)14.255.11
H Miah9.005324(4)0(0)29.005.89
K Burke2.001501(1)0(0)0.007.50
A John2.001601(2)0(0)0.008.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Munn1-8080A Munn(23) A Ross(46)15.6
M Hill2-13353M Hill(22) A Ross(27)22.1
T Gornall3-14714T Gornall(3) A Ross(6)23.5
M Day4-1470M Day(0) A Ross(0)23.6
A Ross5-1569A Ross(9) M Marsden(0)25.3
A Morris6-18125A Morris(14) M Marsden(4)30.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: s watchouse h Wijesuriya
Scorers: r morris J Drummord