Bayley Cup Alvaston & Boulton CC 2nd XI v Rolls Royce Leisure CC, Derby 1st XI
Sunday, June 19 2016 (15:37) at Main Square
Rolls Royce Leisure CC, Derby 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Rolls Royce Leisure CC, Derby 1st XI Alvaston & Boulton CC 2nd XI
145 for 8 (20.0 overs)101 for 2 Abandon (14.0 overs)
1 Hour, 9 Minutes.1 Hour, 0 Minutes.
Rolls Royce Leisure CC, Derby 1st XI
S Mahfoozc D Walkerb R Ottewell88410100.00
S Dhakc U Rahimib R Ottewell2414650171.43
K Afridic and bU Hussain16121930133.33
A Alam+lbwb U Hussain1018190055.56
R Ahmedc D Walkerb U Hussain5980055.56
A Butt*not out3033472090.91
V Alib S Ottewell27193012142.11
T Hanifst R Burnsb S Ottewell010000.00
Z Khanst R Burnsb R Ottewell012000.00
H Shafiqnot out137511185.71
F Mahmood
Extras2nb 7w 3lb 0b 0pen 12
Total145for 8
R Ottewell4.003431(1)0(0)8.338.50
S Ottewell4.003920(0)0(0)12.009.75
F Oriakhail2.001801(1)0(0)0.009.00
U Hussain4.001231(1)0(0)8.333.00
M Waseem4.001300(0)0(0)0.003.25
B Solomon2.002603(4)2(2)0.0013.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Mahfooz1-2424S Mahfooz(8) S Dhak(15)2.4
S Dhak2-3713S Dhak(9) K Afridi(4)4.1
K Afridi3-6023K Afridi(12) A Alam(10)8.2
A Alam4-611A Alam(0) R Ahmed(1)8.6
R Ahmed5-676R Ahmed(4) A Butt(1)10.4
V Ali6-12558V Ali(27) A Butt(23)17.5
T Hanif7-1250T Hanif(0) A Butt(0)17.6
Z Khan8-1305Z Khan(0) A Butt(5)18.4
Alvaston & Boulton CC 2nd XI
U Rahimib F Mahmood51280041.67
M Waseemlbwb K Afridi29284120103.57
F Oriakhailnot out2830513093.33
D Walker*not out22151911146.67
R Burns+
U Hussain
B Solomon
B Anthony
R Ottewell
S Ottewell
T Jeffery
Extras1nb 4w 7lb 5b 0pen 17
Total101for 2 Abandon
F Mahmood3.001411(1)1(1)20.004.67
R Ahmed2.00700(0)0(0)0.003.50
K Afridi3.002210(0)0(0)18.007.33
V Ali4.002301(1)0(0)0.005.75
H Shafiq1.001200(0)0(0)0.0012.00
Z Khan1.001101(2)0(0)0.0011.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
U Rahimi1-66U Rahimi(5) M Waseem(0)2.1
M Waseem2-5953M Waseem(29) F Oriakhail(12)9.1
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard
Umpires: G Broughton N Gray
Scorers: I Walker C Lowe
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