A Division 1st XI Barton CC, Devon 1st XI v Chudleigh CC 1st XI
Saturday, July 02 2016 (12:30) at Cricketfield Road
Chudleigh CC 1st XI Won By 14 runs
Barton CC, Devon 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Chudleigh CC 1st XI Barton CC, Devon 1st XI
131 for 6 (35.0 overs)117 all out (30.4 overs)
2 Hours, 12 Minutes.1 Hour, 49 Minutes.
Chudleigh CC 1st XI
E Foreman*c and bM Gilmour713131053.85
M Solway+st S Lewisb S Bowker481011214047.52
W Heatherlbwb T Drake1846691039.13
C Sinclairc A Huntb S Bowker1321211061.90
S Newlandc and bJ Peters1819251094.74
S Plumbst S Lewisb S Bowker2350066.67
R Clarkenot out4640066.67
D Britcliffenot out11000100.00
A Robinson
B Holmes
H Stronge
Extras0nb 13w 3lb 4b 0pen 20
Total131for 6
A McVeigh10.001701(1)0(0)0.001.70
M Gilmour7.012313(4)0(0)45.003.29
T Drake5.011211(1)0(0)31.002.40
J Seiffert6.003505(5)0(0)0.005.83
S Bowker5.002832(2)0(0)10.675.60
J Peters2.00910(0)0(0)12.004.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
E Foreman1-1010E Foreman(7) M Solway(2)3.4
W Heather2-5646W Heather(18) M Solway(20)21.2
C Sinclair3-8630C Sinclair(13) M Solway(14)27.4
M Solway4-11832M Solway(12) S Newland(14)31.6
S Plumb5-1257S Plumb(2) S Newland(4)33.4
S Newland6-1294S Newland(0) R Clarke(3)34.4
Barton CC, Devon 1st XI
S Needhamlbwb B Holmes021000.00
S Lewis+b W Heather1338431034.21
M Gilmourc C Sinclairb W Heather30253432120.00
T Drake*c E Foremanb R Clarke613161046.15
S Baldrylbwb R Clarke1325222052.00
A Huntc B Holmesb H Stronge727270025.93
J Seiffertb B Holmes27222950122.73
A McVeighc C Sinclairb R Clarke719240036.84
T Porterc B Holmesb R Clarke5661083.33
S Bowkerc B Holmesb C Sinclair1550020.00
J Petersnot out1240050.00
Extras0nb 5w 1lb 1b 0pen 7
Total117all out
B Holmes7.013821(1)0(0)21.505.43
H Stronge7.022811(1)0(0)43.004.00
W Heather7.012221(1)0(0)21.503.14
R Clarke5.001541(1)0(0)7.753.00
C Sinclair4.401211(1)0(0)29.002.57
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Needham1-00S Needham(0) S Lewis(0)0.2
M Gilmour2-4545M Gilmour(30) S Lewis(12)9.5
S Lewis3-483S Lewis(1) T Drake(2)11.4
T Drake4-5810T Drake(4) S Baldry(6)14.3
S Baldry5-7214S Baldry(7) A Hunt(6)18.6
A Hunt6-8412A Hunt(1) J Seiffert(10)22.6
J Seiffert7-10824J Seiffert(17) A McVeigh(6)27.5
T Porter8-1146T Porter(5) A McVeigh(1)29.2
A McVeigh9-1140A McVeigh(0) S Bowker(0)29.3
S Bowker10-1173S Bowker(1) J Peters(1)30.4
Weather: Overcast Pitch: Covered
Umpires: P Smith P Joliffe
Referee: R Brown
Scorers: C Dove J Clarke