Division 1 Sedgefield CC 1st XI v Northallerton CC 1st XI
Saturday, July 30 2016 (13:00) at Station Road Ground
Northallerton CC 1st XI Won By 11 runs
Sedgefield CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Northallerton CC 1st XI Sedgefield CC 1st XI
138 all out (38.3 overs)127 all out (46.4 overs)
2 Hours, 14 Minutes.2 Hours, 14 Minutes.
Northallerton CC 1st XI
A Aureliusb J Clark214140014.29
Jed Clarksonb K Latcham044000.00
M Fishburnlbwb K Latcham612151050.00
Joe Clarkson*c K Latchamb M Lower3148604064.58
S McCullaghc S Northb J Kemp2568683036.76
B Englandc S Northb P Brown3745466082.22
K Clarksonlbwb M Lower4771057.14
S Watsonc K Latchamb M Lower11218008.33
C Starrc K Latchamb P Brown055000.00
T Newsome+not out20111131181.82
C Waymanlbwb M Lower16100016.67
Extras1nb 2w 4lb 4b 0pen 11
Total138all out
J Clark12.033310(0)1(1)73.002.75
K Latcham7.032120(0)0(0)21.003.00
M Lower12.342740(0)0(0)18.752.16
J Kemp4.002910(0)0(0)24.007.25
P Brown3.002022(2)0(0)10.006.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Jed Clarkson1-22Jed Clarkson(0) A Aurelius(2)1.4
A Aurelius2-86A Aurelius(0) M Fishburn(6)4.2
M Fishburn3-135M Fishburn(0) Joe Clarkson(4)5.4
Joe Clarkson4-6148Joe Clarkson(27) S McCullagh(19)22.2
S McCullagh5-7110S McCullagh(6) B England(0)25.5
K Clarkson6-798K Clarkson(4) B England(4)28.6
S Watson7-11536S Watson(1) B England(31)34.3
B England8-1172B England(2) C Starr(0)35.2
C Starr9-1170C Starr(0) T Newsome(0)35.4
C Wayman10-13821C Wayman(1) T Newsome(20)38.3
Sedgefield CC 1st XI
J Kemplbwb Joe Clarkson4587899051.72
K Latchamrun out(Joe Clarkson)1165531016.92
S Northc T Newsomeb S Watson013000.00
J Bellb S Watson011000.00
T Young+c Joe Clarksonb S Watson1415142093.33
M Lowerrun out(B England)3259544054.24
B Youngb B England2044353045.45
P Brownb S Watson034000.00
D Smithb B England024000.00
J Clark*not out014000.00
A Ridleyc S McCullaghb B England021000.00
Extras0nb 0w 3lb 2b 0pen 5
Total127all out
C Wayman7.041500(0)0(0)0.002.14
K Clarkson10.041100(0)0(0)0.001.10
Joe Clarkson12.043310(0)0(0)72.002.75
S Watson13.034940(0)0(0)19.503.77
B England4.411430(0)0(0)9.333.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
K Latcham1-3434K Latcham(11) J Kemp(22)20.1
S North2-340S North(0) J Kemp(0)21.1
J Bell3-340J Bell(0) J Kemp(0)21.2
T Young4-5218T Young(14) J Kemp(4)25.5
J Kemp5-8331J Kemp(19) M Lower(10)30.5
B Young6-12744B Young(20) M Lower(22)44.4
M Lower7-1270M Lower(0) P Brown(0)45.4
P Brown8-1270P Brown(0) D Smith(0)45.5
D Smith9-1270D Smith(0) J Clark(0)46.2
A Ridley10-1270A Ridley(0) J Clark(0)46.4
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard