1st XI ECB Premier League (sponsored by MI Dent... Formby CC 1st XI v New Brighton CC 1st XI
Saturday, August 06 2016 (13:00) at Formby Cricket Club
Formby CC 1st XI Won By 4 wickets
New Brighton CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
New Brighton CC 1st XI Formby CC 1st XI
165 all out (44.3 overs)166 for 6 (43.2 overs)
2 Hours, 30 Minutes.1 Hour, 54 Minutes.
New Brighton CC 1st XI
L Botesc J Cockbainb S Parry3340485182.50
M Rowland*c S Parryb O Sutton067000.00
D Whilec J Sewardb G Keedy2145452046.67
A Clarkelbwb G Keedy56191083.33
U Fernando+lbwb S Parry61591040.00
K Hussainc E Ketteringhamb S Parry5681854269.14
J Rylancec S Parryb G Keedy031000.00
A Watkinslbwb G Keedy513111038.46
A Nawablbwb S Parry917100152.94
A Evansc T Le Bretonb S Parry1635461045.71
G Johnson-Aleynot out2680033.33
Extras2nb 1w 5lb 4b 0pen 12
Total165all out
T Crawford7.002801(1)1(1)0.004.00
O Sutton4.011610(0)1(1)25.004.00
S Parry16.314450(0)0(0)19.802.67
G Keedy17.026840(0)0(0)25.504.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Rowland1-11M Rowland(0) L Botes(0)1.6
L Botes2-5756L Botes(33) D While(16)14.1
D While3-625D While(5) A Clarke(0)15.2
U Fernando4-7311U Fernando(6) A Clarke(5)18.2
A Clarke5-730A Clarke(0) K Hussain(0)19.1
J Rylance6-730J Rylance(0) K Hussain(0)19.4
A Watkins7-8714A Watkins(5) K Hussain(9)23.5
A Nawab8-9811A Nawab(9) K Hussain(2)28.1
A Evans9-15860A Evans(16) K Hussain(40)42.1
K Hussain10-1657K Hussain(5) G Johnson-Aley(2)44.3
Formby CC 1st XI
T Le Bretonc M Rowlandb A Nawab5264528181.25
J Seward+lbwb D While631171037253.85
D Williamsc U Fernandob A Nawab044000.00
T Crawfordlbwb A Nawab041000.00
E Ketteringhamc K Hussainb A Nawab138911162.50
S Parrylbwb D While11511006.67
G Keedynot out1737322045.95
O Suttonnot out1611912145.45
J Cockbain
I Cockbain*
B Aitchison
Extras0nb 0w 0lb 4b 0pen 4
Total166for 6
A Nawab22.047740(0)0(0)33.003.50
A Clarke7.203700(0)0(0)0.005.05
D While14.034820(0)0(0)42.003.43
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Le Breton1-100100T Le Breton(52) J Seward(44)20.4
D Williams2-1000D Williams(0) J Seward(0)22.2
T Crawford3-1000T Crawford(0) J Seward(0)22.6
E Ketteringham4-11414E Ketteringham(13) J Seward(1)26.4
S Parry5-12713S Parry(1) J Seward(12)31.2
J Seward6-14417J Seward(6) G Keedy(11)39.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: L Watts F Charters
Scorers: K Miles K Wilson