1st Division Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI v Ampthill Town CC Sunday 1st XI
Sunday, August 14 2016 (13:00) at Rotten Row, Great Brickhill
Ampthill Town CC Sunday 1st XI Won By 245 runs
Ampthill Town CC Sunday 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Ampthill Town CC Sunday 1st XI Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI
402 for 5 (45.0 overs)157 all out (28.0 overs)
2 Hours, 54 Minutes.2 Hours, 5 Minutes.
Ampthill Town CC Sunday 1st XI
J Bivianob G Morris186111130342167.57
T Degnanc G Morrisb S Mahendran30212670142.86
J Duxbury+c G Morrisb S Mahendran706392101111.11
P Brookeb J Wagg67141085.71
L Archernot out42344370123.53
L Everittb J Wagg011000.00
D Bennett*not out36363840100.00
O Evans
A Evans
K Smith
J Potter
Extras2nb 17w 13lb 0b 0pen 32
Total402for 5
S Mahendran9.007825(5)0(0)29.508.67
E Marshall4.004001(1)1(1)0.0010.00
J Iqbal9.007201(1)0(0)0.008.00
S Jhala9.006800(0)0(0)0.007.56
J Wagg9.008321(5)1(1)28.009.22
G Morris5.004811(5)0(0)31.009.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Degnan1-5454T Degnan(30) J Biviano(20)6.2
J Duxbury2-270216J Duxbury(70) J Biviano(132)30.1
J Biviano3-31545J Biviano(34) P Brooke(6)32.5
P Brooke4-3150P Brooke(0) L Archer(0)33.2
L Everitt5-3150L Everitt(0) L Archer(0)33.3
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI
S Mahendranc J Duxburyb J Potter525351020.00
G Morrisc and bA Evans12101630120.00
J Pattnic J Bivianob A Evans713211053.85
J Iqbalc J Duxburyb K Smith4148867085.42
A Jhala*c A Evansb O Evans31242951129.17
S Jhalac J Duxburyb J Potter18121531150.00
T Robson+b K Smith066000.00
M Wardc L Everittb O Evans612131050.00
A Goldbergc J Duxburyb K Smith1018151055.56
E Marshallnot out005000.00
J Waggb K Smith022000.00
Extras2nb 23w 2lb 0b 0pen 27
Total157all out
A Evans7.004527(11)0(0)24.506.43
J Potter9.005325(5)1(1)30.005.89
O Evans7.013222(3)0(0)22.004.57
K Smith5.002544(4)1(1)8.755.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
G Morris1-2525G Morris(12) S Mahendran(1)2.6
S Mahendran2-3914S Mahendran(4) J Pattni(7)7.4
J Pattni3-390J Pattni(0) J Iqbal(0)8.2
A Jhala4-8546A Jhala(31) J Iqbal(13)14.3
S Jhala5-11328S Jhala(18) J Iqbal(8)17.5
T Robson6-1152T Robson(0) J Iqbal(2)19.3
M Ward7-13217M Ward(6) J Iqbal(8)22.6
A Goldberg8-15119A Goldberg(10) J Iqbal(6)27.1
J Iqbal9-1565J Iqbal(4) E Marshall(0)27.4
J Wagg10-1571J Wagg(0) E Marshall(0)27.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: P Barnes N Gilliam
Scorers: r morris