All Rounder ECB Yorkshire South Premier League Barnsley CC 1st XI v Sheffield & Phoenix United CC 1st XI
Sunday, September 04 2016 (12:30) at Shaw Lane, Barnsley
Barnsley CC 1st XI Won By 51 runs (D/L Method)
Points: Barnsley CC 1st XI: 12 Sheffield & Phoenix United CC 1st XI: 2
Sheffield & Phoenix United CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Barnsley CC 1st XI Sheffield & Phoenix United CC 1st XI
207 for 7 (47.1 overs)119 for 9 (27.0 overs)
2 Hours, 56 Minutes.1 Hour, 34 Minutes.
Barnsley CC 1st XI
J Trowerc R Mangrolab M Rees2533363075.76
S Waltersc S Saleemb B Anjam44991125044.44
J Brownrun out(M Taylor)50771125064.94
N Firnlbwb B Anjam27100028.57
B Frostick [J]c R Mangrolab Y Yousuf515120033.33
H Woottonc R Mangrolab M Taylor2226313084.62
A Jahangir [J]c R Mangrolab Y Yousuf514140035.71
J Booth*not out1391130144.44
D Waldronnot out3580060.00
O Jackson
B Whitehouse+
Extras2nb 15w 14lb 7b 0pen 38
Total207for 7
M Taylor9.104212(2)0(0)57.004.58
M Rees6.012011(1)0(0)37.003.33
Y Yousuf11.023721(1)2(2)34.503.36
J Exley4.012301(1)0(0)0.005.75
A Judge2.01701(1)0(0)0.003.50
S Saleem5.002202(4)0(0)0.004.40
B Anjam10.013523(5)0(0)31.503.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Trower1-4747J Trower(25) S Walters(14)9.3
S Walters2-13083S Walters(30) J Brown(39)30.2
N Firn3-1366N Firn(2) J Brown(3)32.4
B Frostick [J]4-14812B Frostick [J](5) J Brown(5)37.1
J Brown5-16719J Brown(3) H Wootton(11)40.3
A Jahangir [J]6-18518A Jahangir [J](5) H Wootton(11)44.4
H Wootton7-1894H Wootton(0) J Booth(4)45.1
Sheffield & Phoenix United CC 1st XI
S Saleemc J Brownb A Jahangir [J]2227282081.48
Y Yousufc B Whitehouseb D Waldron042000.00
D Rafiq*b A Jahangir [J]4651662390.20
B Anjamb O Jackson1422240063.64
J Robertsrun out(J Brown)713100053.85
M Taylorb B Frostick [J]1116251068.75
R Mangrola+b O Jackson2540040.00
A Judgec B Frostick [J]b A Jahangir [J]2730028.57
L Asadst B Whitehouseb A Jahangir [J]1540020.00
M Reesnot out26100033.33
J Exleynot out3650050.00
Extras0nb 4w 0lb 5b 0pen 9
Total119for 9
D Waldron5.002310(0)0(0)30.004.60
O Jackson9.003820(0)0(0)27.004.22
A Jahangir [J]9.013542(4)0(0)14.003.89
B Frostick [J]4.001810(0)0(0)24.004.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Y Yousuf1-11Y Yousuf(0) S Saleem(1)0.6
S Saleem2-3736S Saleem(21) D Rafiq(13)8.2
B Anjam3-7437B Anjam(14) D Rafiq(19)15.2
J Roberts4-9117J Roberts(7) D Rafiq(10)18.3
D Rafiq5-976D Rafiq(4) M Taylor(2)20.3
R Mangrola6-1036R Mangrola(2) M Taylor(1)21.4
A Judge7-1063A Judge(2) M Taylor(1)22.6
L Asad8-1104L Asad(1) M Taylor(3)24.2
M Taylor9-1144M Taylor(4) M Rees(0)25.4
Match Report
Rain 3.25pm B 207-7 (47.1). Resumed 5.50pm S&PU DLS Target 171 off 27 overs
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Damp
Umpires: C Williams H Fidler
Scorers: K Motley G Rees
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