Division 1 Sedgefield CC 1st XI v Redcar CC 1st XI
Saturday, September 10 2016 (12:30) at Station Road Ground
Redcar CC 1st XI Won By 1 wicket
Redcar CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Sedgefield CC 1st XI Redcar CC 1st XI
166 for 8 (50.0 overs)167 for 9 (47.4 overs)
2 Hours, 46 Minutes.3 Hours, 0 Minutes.
Sedgefield CC 1st XI
K Latchamc J Hood Jrb S Berry2974835039.19
M Lower*c B Hodgsonb C Brown1829323062.07
A Shepherdb M Brown1837382048.65
J Bellc S Leeb S Berry2946555063.04
J Kempc J Hood Jrb M Brown01211000.00
T Young+b C Doughney1943422044.19
B Youngnot out3133384093.94
P Rivislbwb C Doughney419170021.05
P Reynardc M Rixb J Hood Jr1440025.00
J Ewartnot out4550080.00
J Clark
Extras2nb 8w 1lb 2b 0pen 13
Total166for 8
M Rix8.021701(1)0(0)0.002.13
C Brown10.032610(0)2(2)62.002.60
S Berry15.026321(1)0(0)45.504.20
M Brown7.002222(6)0(0)22.003.14
C Doughney8.022320(0)0(0)24.002.88
J Hood Jr2.001210(0)0(0)12.006.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Lower1-2323M Lower(18) K Latcham(0)9.3
A Shepherd2-6340A Shepherd(18) K Latcham(22)21.1
K Latcham3-8017K Latcham(7) J Bell(5)24.2
J Kemp4-899J Kemp(0) J Bell(9)27.6
J Bell5-11324J Bell(15) T Young(7)38.1
T Young6-13017T Young(12) B Young(5)41.2
P Rivis7-15323P Rivis(4) B Young(18)47.2
P Reynard8-1563P Reynard(1) B Young(2)48.3
Redcar CC 1st XI
T Easton+lbwb A Shepherd2444575054.55
O Rodgersst T Youngb A Shepherd1224302050.00
M Brownlbwb A Shepherd3780042.86
C Brownlbwb A Shepherd1321253061.90
S Berry*run out(P Reynard)4561786173.77
J Burkec T Youngb K Latcham3171823043.66
J Hood Jrb K Latcham110220010.00
S Leerun out(M Lower)012000.00
M Rixc J Bellb M Lower819161042.11
B Hodgsonnot out417211023.53
C Doughneynot out413111030.77
Extras2nb 10w 2lb 8b 0pen 22
Total167for 9
J Ewart3.001202(2)0(0)0.004.00
A Shepherd15.044245(6)0(0)23.752.80
M Lower15.043510(0)0(0)90.002.33
J Clark5.402200(0)2(2)0.003.88
J Bell3.002400(0)0(0)0.008.00
K Latcham6.002222(2)0(0)19.003.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Rodgers1-3434O Rodgers(12) T Easton(14)7.5
M Brown2-395M Brown(3) T Easton(1)9.5
T Easton3-5213T Easton(9) C Brown(4)13.6
C Brown4-6210C Brown(9) S Berry(0)15.6
S Berry5-13674S Berry(45) J Burke(22)35.5
J Burke6-14711J Burke(9) J Hood Jr(0)38.5
S Lee7-1470S Lee(0) J Hood Jr(0)39.1
J Hood Jr8-1492J Hood Jr(1) M Rix(1)40.5
M Rix9-1578M Rix(7) B Hodgson(0)43.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
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