1st XI Division 1 Ilkley CC 2nd XI v Beckwithshaw CC 2nd XI
Saturday, May 13 2017 (13:04) at
Beckwithshaw CC 2nd XI Won By 7 wickets
Points: Ilkley CC 2nd XI: 2 Beckwithshaw CC 2nd XI: 18
Ilkley CC 2nd XI won toss and decided to bat
Ilkley CC 2nd XI Beckwithshaw CC 2nd XI
147 all out (45.0 overs)149 for 3 (40.3 overs)
2 Hours, 36 Minutes.1 Hour, 54 Minutes.
Ilkley CC 2nd XI
Z Iqbalc P Hotchkissb T Stark54951039056.84
I Chaplinb G Bass5841062.50
S Yeateslbwb G Bass033000.00
B Goodairelbwb A Tiffany2545775055.56
J Pearsonb T Stark1228222042.86
R Wheelerb T Stark1119202057.89
C Quaifec P Hotchkissb T Stark1327292048.15
C Bott+c C Wademanb T Stark023000.00
A Wheeler*lbwb A Tiffany01112000.00
B Buttonb G Anderson1326172050.00
T Candlishnot out36150050.00
Extras0nb 5w 2lb 4b 0pen 11
Total147all out
G Bass9.012420(0)0(0)27.002.67
L Mulligan8.012900(0)0(0)0.003.63
A Tiffany14.023820(0)0(0)42.002.71
O Hebblethwaite4.001800(0)0(0)0.004.50
T Stark8.022050(0)0(0)9.602.50
G Anderson2.001211(5)0(0)13.006.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
I Chaplin1-99I Chaplin(5) Z Iqbal(4)2.2
S Yeates2-90S Yeates(0) Z Iqbal(0)2.5
B Goodaire3-7667B Goodaire(25) Z Iqbal(42)21.2
Z Iqbal4-9418Z Iqbal(8) J Pearson(10)28.3
J Pearson5-962J Pearson(2) R Wheeler(0)30.1
R Wheeler6-11519R Wheeler(11) C Quaife(8)34.6
C Bott7-1150C Bott(0) C Quaife(0)36.2
C Quaife8-1249C Quaife(5) A Wheeler(0)38.4
A Wheeler9-1284A Wheeler(0) B Button(4)39.6
B Button10-14719B Button(9) T Candlish(3)44.6
Beckwithshaw CC 2nd XI
D Guyc C Bottb C Quaife714101050.00
O Hebblethwaitenot out7711411413067.54
P Hotchkiss*c J Pearsonb A Wheeler1825234072.00
L Mulliganc I Chaplinb A Wheeler054000.00
P Jefferynot out4386757050.00
B MacGregor
T Stark
G Bass
G Anderson
A Tiffany
C Wademan+
Extras1nb 0w 1lb 2b 0pen 4
Total149for 3
T Candlish3.001800(0)1(1)0.006.00
C Quaife13.344710(0)0(0)81.003.48
A Wheeler9.042120(0)0(0)27.002.33
B Goodaire2.001700(0)0(0)0.008.50
R Wheeler7.012300(0)0(0)0.003.29
B Button6.012000(0)0(0)0.003.33
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Guy1-1414D Guy(7) O Hebblethwaite(6)3.5
P Hotchkiss2-4127P Hotchkiss(18) O Hebblethwaite(8)10.5
L Mulligan3-432L Mulligan(0) O Hebblethwaite(2)12.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard