1st XI Division 1 Ilkley CC 2nd XI v Otley CC 2nd XI
Saturday, June 10 2017 (13:20) at Ilkley CC - Denton Road
Otley CC 2nd XI Won By 7 wickets
Points: Ilkley CC 2nd XI: 1 Otley CC 2nd XI: 15
Otley CC 2nd XI won toss and decided to field
Ilkley CC 2nd XI Otley CC 2nd XI
97 all out (39.5 overs)98 for 3 (27.2 overs)
2 Hours, 7 Minutes.1 Hour, 36 Minutes.
Ilkley CC 2nd XI
Z Iqbalb G Hanson1017182058.82
D Bottb G Hanson2046492043.48
A Wheeler*st C Hallidayb J Brough1333432039.39
C Quaifest C Hallidayb J Brough413181030.77
J Pearsonc and bJ Brough2124233087.50
R Wheelerlbwb C Hester1639361141.03
P Dawsonc C Davyb J Brough12515004.00
L Bottc J Bradyb J Brough0911000.00
J Varley+b G Hanson214170014.29
B Buttonnot out11114009.09
T Candlishc C Davyb J Brough084000.00
Extras0nb 3w 2lb 4b 0pen 9
Total97all out
S Boyden6.002601(1)0(0)0.004.33
G Hanson9.041231(1)0(0)18.331.33
C Hester12.052711(1)0(0)73.002.25
J Brough12.562660(0)0(0)12.832.03
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Z Iqbal1-2222Z Iqbal(10) D Bott(11)5.3
D Bott2-4422D Bott(9) A Wheeler(10)13.6
A Wheeler3-517A Wheeler(3) C Quaife(4)17.3
C Quaife4-565C Quaife(0) J Pearson(5)19.4
J Pearson5-8529J Pearson(16) R Wheeler(11)25.4
P Dawson6-916P Dawson(1) R Wheeler(5)31.6
R Wheeler7-932R Wheeler(0) L Bott(0)32.5
L Bott8-930L Bott(0) J Varley(0)35.3
J Varley9-963J Varley(2) B Button(0)38.1
T Candlish10-971T Candlish(0) B Button(1)39.5
Otley CC 2nd XI
C Hesterb A Wheeler528290017.86
J Broughc L Bottb A Wheeler1930363063.33
J Martinnot out4058666168.97
J Bradyrun out(D Bott)922241040.91
D Brady*not out1927342070.37
C Davy
C Halliday+
M Jordan
G Hanson
L Smith
S Boyden
Extras1nb 2w 1lb 2b 0pen 6
Total98for 3
L Bott4.01902(2)1(1)0.002.25
A Wheeler8.032520(0)0(0)24.003.13
R Wheeler8.032800(0)0(0)0.003.50
C Quaife3.001700(0)0(0)0.005.67
T Candlish2.201100(0)0(0)0.004.71
B Button2.00500(0)0(0)0.002.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Hester1-2222C Hester(5) J Brough(12)7.6
J Brough2-297J Brough(7) J Martin(0)9.6
J Brady3-5425J Brady(9) J Martin(16)17.5
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Bailey T Moss
Scorers: A Remmer E Brady
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