1st Division Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI v Luton Town & Indians CC 2nd XI
Sunday, June 11 2017 (13:30) at Rotten Row, Great Brickhill
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI Won By 231 runs
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI Luton Town & Indians CC 2nd XI
370 for 6 (45.0 overs)139 all out (26.1 overs)
2 Hours, 51 Minutes.1 Hour, 56 Minutes.
Great Brickhill CC Sunday 1st XI
N Cadmanb z Haroon6880175.00
R Clintonc D Gouldb H Singh4154659075.93
M Javednot out123118162172104.24
N Chavdast P Bonhamb M Ilyas5057645187.72
G Morrisc P Bonhamb Y Alim62212756295.24
A Jhalab Y Alim239822255.56
D Burrowsb Y Alim011000.00
J Blackwellnot out43210133.33
A Mitchell*+
E Marshall
J Wagg
Extras1nb 45w 5lb 10b 0pen 61
Total370for 6
S Singh8.008106(11)0(0)0.0010.13
z Haroon1.001112(2)0(0)8.0011.00
S Nawaz9.004006(8)0(0)0.004.44
H Singh9.025313(3)0(0)57.005.89
N Islam6.005406(17)0(0)0.009.00
M Ilyas5.004610(0)0(0)30.009.20
Y Alim7.007033(4)1(1)15.3310.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
N Cadman1-1818N Cadman(6) R Clinton(9)1.6
R Clinton2-10587R Clinton(32) M Javed(28)18.2
N Chavda3-227122N Chavda(50) M Javed(47)35.2
G Morris4-340113G Morris(62) M Javed(46)42.1
A Jhala5-36626A Jhala(23) M Javed(2)44.2
D Burrows6-3660D Burrows(0) M Javed(0)44.3
Luton Town & Indians CC 2nd XI
A Flannaganb J Wagg1641482039.02
P Bonham+lbwb J Wagg817212047.06
D Gouldc J Waggb E Marshall57588512098.28
H Singhlbwb J Wagg68131075.00
N Hossainb J Wagg011000.00
Y Alim*c N Chavdab E Marshall413171030.77
S Singhc D Burrowsb E Marshall118811137.50
M Ilyasc A Mitchellb D Burrows45101080.00
z Haroonnot out79110177.78
S Nawazrun out(E Marshall)038000.00
N Islamretd, out0010000.00
Extras6nb 12w 4lb 4b 0pen 26
Total139all out
A Jhala6.004003(3)4(5)0.006.67
J Wagg9.022641(1)0(0)13.752.89
E Marshall7.013933(7)1(1)15.335.57
D Burrows4.002611(1)0(0)25.006.50
N Chavda0.10000(0)0(0)0.000.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
P Bonham1-1717P Bonham(4) A Flannagan(8)5.3
A Flannagan2-5639A Flannagan(8) D Gould(19)11.6
H Singh3-7923H Singh(6) D Gould(16)15.4
N Hossain4-790N Hossain(0) D Gould(0)15.5
Y Alim5-10021Y Alim(4) D Gould(17)20.3
S Singh6-11313S Singh(11) D Gould(1)22.2
M Ilyas7-12310M Ilyas(4) D Gould(0)23.5
D Gould8-13310D Gould(4) z Haroon(6)24.2
S Nawaz9-1396S Nawaz(0) z Haroon(1)26.1
N Islam9-1390N Islam(0) z Haroon(0)26.1
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: P Barnes s watchouse
Scorers: r morris