Division 1 - 2nd XI Old Rutlishians CC 2nd XI v Guildford CC 2nd XI
Saturday, June 17 2017 (12:00) at Home Ground
Old Rutlishians CC 2nd XI Won By 5 runs
Old Rutlishians CC 2nd XI won toss and decided to bat
Old Rutlishians CC 2nd XI Guildford CC 2nd XI
174 all out (51.5 overs)169 all out (47.1 overs)
3 Hours, 12 Minutes.2 Hours, 55 Minutes.
Old Rutlishians CC 2nd XI
M Vandepeerc C Coombsb O Martin17171630100.00
J Mapplbwb V Singh01021000.00
J Fraserlbwb C Coombs3238555084.21
R Trimmingsst G Meadowsb D Bell961421709467.61
P Tilling*b C Coombs011000.00
R Leverc C Greenb C Coombs11518006.67
T Emerton+lbwb C Coombs725250028.00
A Foxc J Coupeb D Bell1119009.09
J Prycec T Shrivesb C Coombs217190011.76
A Barnicottc C Greenb D Bell18110012.50
E Grindrodnot out428310014.29
Extras1nb 9w 2lb 1b 0pen 13
Total174all out
V Singh7.004215(5)0(0)47.006.00
O Martin6.022611(1)0(0)37.004.33
C Weill12.023401(1)0(0)0.002.83
C Coombs14.023450(0)0(0)16.802.43
D Bell12.533532(2)1(1)26.672.73
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Vandepeer1-1818M Vandepeer(17) J Mapp(0)3.5
J Mapp2-235J Mapp(0) J Fraser(4)4.4
J Fraser3-8360J Fraser(28) R Trimmings(25)16.4
P Tilling4-830P Tilling(0) R Trimmings(0)16.5
R Lever5-9512R Lever(1) R Trimmings(11)22.4
T Emerton6-11217T Emerton(7) R Trimmings(10)30.4
A Fox7-1175A Fox(1) R Trimmings(4)33.4
J Pryce8-12710J Pryce(2) R Trimmings(6)40.4
A Barnicott9-14518A Barnicott(1) R Trimmings(17)43.4
R Trimmings10-17429R Trimmings(23) E Grindrod(4)51.5
Guildford CC 2nd XI
O Martinb J Pryce2039444051.28
V Singhc T Emertonb J Pryce412230033.33
A Iqballbwb J Pryce021000.00
T Shrivesc T Emertonb E Grindrod4452599084.62
C Greenlbwb A Barnicott421300019.05
C Coombs*st T Emertonb R Trimmings6789999175.28
W Jennerlbwb R Trimmings1026241038.46
D Bellb J Pryce823281034.78
C Weilllbwb R Trimmings023000.00
J Coupeb R Trimmings011000.00
G Meadows+not out320310015.00
Extras5nb 2w 0lb 2b 0pen 9
Total169all out
J Pryce12.026040(0)4(5)19.005.00
A Fox6.003101(1)0(0)0.005.17
A Barnicott14.043311(1)0(0)85.002.36
E Grindrod6.011910(0)0(0)36.003.17
R Trimmings9.102440(0)0(0)13.752.62
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
V Singh1-2626V Singh(4) O Martin(18)6.1
A Iqbal2-260A Iqbal(0) O Martin(0)6.3
O Martin3-4418O Martin(2) T Shrives(15)10.6
C Green4-7632C Green(4) T Shrives(27)19.5
T Shrives5-782T Shrives(2) C Coombs(0)22.2
W Jenner6-10628W Jenner(10) C Coombs(16)30.3
D Bell7-11913D Bell(8) C Coombs(5)38.5
C Weill8-1201C Weill(0) C Coombs(1)39.2
J Coupe9-1200J Coupe(0) C Coombs(0)39.3
C Coombs10-16949C Coombs(45) G Meadows(3)47.1
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: R Sanwalka
Scorers: A Atkins M Montgomery