Division Two C&R Hawks CC 1st XI v Wombourne CC 1st XI
Saturday, June 24 2017 (12:00) at Rawnsley
Wombourne CC 1st XI Won By 3 wickets
Wombourne CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
C&R Hawks CC 1st XI Wombourne CC 1st XI
262 all out (55.0 overs)264 for 7 (53.2 overs)
3 Hours, 29 Minutes.3 Hours, 25 Minutes.
C&R Hawks CC 1st XI
V Buttc I Walkerb A Quiney47606910078.33
O Alic W Cookb D Hemming1350033.33
M Rashid*+c D Quineyb D Hemming628371021.43
I Khanc D Bassettb D Hemming098000.00
K Alic W Cookb B Hudson48661165172.73
L Evansc D Bassettb D Hemming1256501021.43
S Akbarc D Hemmingb A Quiney78536286147.17
S Malikb A Quiney715180046.67
J Ahmedc K Quineyb D Quiney34181752188.89
N Akramnot out811191072.73
A Khurshidb W Cook1212820100.00
Extras1nb 2w 1lb 5b 0pen 9
Total262all out
A Quiney17.037231(1)0(0)34.334.24
D Hemming17.064240(0)0(0)25.502.47
D Quiney10.016410(0)0(0)60.006.40
R Quiney3.002100(0)0(0)0.007.00
W Cook4.001611(1)0(0)25.004.00
Z Smith1.001400(0)0(0)0.0014.00
B Hudson3.002710(0)1(1)19.009.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Ali1-22O Ali(1) V Butt(1)1.1
M Rashid2-4341M Rashid(6) V Butt(35)11.2
I Khan3-474I Khan(0) V Butt(4)13.5
V Butt4-558V Butt(7) K Ali(1)18.2
L Evans5-8631L Evans(12) K Ali(18)31.6
K Ali6-17690K Ali(29) S Akbar(55)43.1
S Akbar7-20428S Akbar(23) S Malik(4)46.4
S Malik8-2139S Malik(3) J Ahmed(5)48.4
J Ahmed9-24330J Ahmed(29) N Akram(1)51.5
A Khurshid10-26219A Khurshid(12) N Akram(7)54.6
Wombourne CC 1st XI
D Bassettc A Khurshidb J Ahmed69811118385.19
R Quineyc V Buttb J Ahmed1318183072.22
K Quineyc M Rashidb N Akram053000.00
W Cookc L Evansb O Ali42881177047.73
I Walker*+c S Malikb O Ali4041389097.56
B Hudsonc S Akbarb J Ahmed511151045.45
A Quineyc A Khurshidb O Ali048000.00
Z Smithnot out37344750108.82
D Spasicnot out3538442392.11
D Hemming
D Quiney
Extras0nb 12w 7lb 4b 0pen 23
Total264for 7
J Ahmed16.017133(11)0(0)33.004.44
N Akram8.014310(0)0(0)48.005.38
A Khurshid5.001900(0)0(0)0.003.80
O Ali15.008130(0)0(0)30.005.40
K Ali9.213901(1)0(0)0.004.18
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Quiney1-2424R Quiney(13) D Bassett(6)4.6
K Quiney2-251K Quiney(0) D Bassett(1)5.6
D Bassett3-139114D Bassett(62) W Cook(37)28.6
W Cook4-17233W Cook(5) I Walker(28)37.2
I Walker5-18513I Walker(12) B Hudson(1)39.5
B Hudson6-1905B Hudson(4) A Quiney(0)40.5
A Quiney7-1900A Quiney(0) Z Smith(0)41.3
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Holowczak J Pole
Scorers: B Watson J Russon