1st XI Division Two (Time & Overs) Horndon On The Hill CC 1st XI v Loughton CC 1st XI
Saturday, June 24 2017 (12:30) at Horndon On The Hill
Horndon On The Hill CC 1st XI Won By 75 runs
Loughton CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Horndon On The Hill CC 1st XI Loughton CC 1st XI
217 all out (40.2 overs)142 all out (33.0 overs)
2 Hours, 30 Minutes.2 Hours, 8 Minutes.
Horndon On The Hill CC 1st XI
T Stonec B Buttb H Watson9787102132111.49
J Walsh+b B Butt1530432050.00
M Asifc B Buttb U Choudhry36364680100.00
J West*c B Buttb A Bridges3752572171.15
D Stoneb H Watson010000.00
S Iqbalc K Scarliolib U Choudhry043000.00
S Plomrun out(U Choudhry)18100012.50
M Sayersc N Shettyb U Choudhry414101028.57
S Edwardsc and bU Choudhry69120066.67
J Marsonb A Bridges035000.00
R Maddernot out001000.00
Extras2nb 16w 1lb 2b 0pen 21
Total217all out
A Nasir5.002800(0)1(1)0.005.60
J Ramsden3.002702(2)0(0)0.009.00
L Scott2.001501(1)0(0)0.007.50
A Bridges7.214225(6)0(0)24.505.73
B Butt6.013010(0)1(1)37.005.00
H Watson8.004925(5)0(0)26.506.13
U Choudhry9.002342(2)0(0)14.002.56
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Walsh1-7474J Walsh(15) T Stone(55)11.2
M Asif2-14975M Asif(36) T Stone(32)23.3
T Stone3-17930T Stone(10) J West(18)28.2
D Stone4-1801D Stone(0) J West(1)28.4
S Iqbal5-1811S Iqbal(0) J West(1)29.5
S Plom6-1909S Plom(1) J West(5)32.1
M Sayers7-20111M Sayers(4) J West(5)35.6
S Edwards8-21716S Edwards(6) J West(7)39.4
J West9-2170J West(0) J Marson(0)40.1
J Marson10-2170J Marson(0) R Madder(0)40.2
Loughton CC 1st XI
J Dennislbwb R Madder0118000.00
H Watsonc D Stoneb S Edwards2853843052.83
U Choudhryc S Plomb S Edwards1526382057.69
B Buttc J Walshb J West2527335092.59
V Venkatesan+b J West921191042.86
K Scarliolinot out2229432075.86
N Shettyc R Madderb J West511100045.45
J Ramsdenc J Marsonb J West096000.00
A Bridgeslbwb J West2740028.57
L Scottc M Sayersb J West021000.00
A Nasir*b J West42110200.00
Extras0nb 27w 1lb 4b 0pen 32
Total142all out
R Madder6.021114(4)0(0)40.001.83
D Stone6.003505(9)0(0)0.005.83
S Edwards7.003228(8)0(0)25.004.57
M Asif5.302400(0)0(0)0.004.36
S Plom0.30100(0)0(0)0.002.00
J West8.003476(6)0(0)7.714.25
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Dennis1-11J Dennis(0) H Watson(0)2.5
U Choudhry2-4342U Choudhry(15) H Watson(20)11.6
B Butt3-8845B Butt(25) H Watson(8)18.5
H Watson4-880H Watson(0) V Venkatesan(0)19.4
V Venkatesan5-10921V Venkatesan(9) K Scarlioli(7)24.6
N Shetty6-12718N Shetty(5) K Scarlioli(11)28.5
J Ramsden7-1336J Ramsden(0) K Scarlioli(2)30.5
A Bridges8-1385A Bridges(2) K Scarlioli(2)32.2
L Scott9-1380L Scott(0) K Scarlioli(0)32.4
A Nasir10-1424A Nasir(4) K Scarlioli(0)32.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Skinner D Towler
Scorers: J Canavon H Henry
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