Tier 2 - Group 2 Epsom CC Trust v Guildford CC Development XI
Sunday, June 25 2017 (13:30) at Francis Schnadhorst Memorial Ground
Guildford CC Development XI Won By 9 wickets
Guildford CC Development XI won toss and decided to field
Epsom CC Trust Guildford CC Development XI
165 all out (38.5 overs)166 for 1 (23.0 overs)
2 Hours, 16 Minutes.1 Hour, 20 Minutes.
Epsom CC Trust
J Bird+b D Bell13131330100.00
J Wilemanc W Jennerb A Sweet70961279072.92
K Pagec F McMillanb O Martin14121120116.67
M Lassiter*c and bD Bell415160026.67
F Tompsettc A Sweetb D Bell516121031.25
D Allenlbwb H McMillan1860012.50
L Tuckb H McMillan5861062.50
A Hlobilb H McMillan1639341041.03
G Comptonnot out1820321190.00
A Wilemanb A Sweet012000.00
J Tuckc F McMillanb O Martin4560080.00
Extras0nb 9w 1lb 5b 0pen 15
Total165all out
O Martin6.503923(5)0(0)22.005.71
D Bell8.001930(0)0(0)16.002.38
J McMillan6.012201(1)0(0)0.003.67
H McMillan8.002932(2)0(0)16.673.63
R Garcha7.002900(0)0(0)0.004.14
W Jenner1.001101(1)0(0)0.0011.00
A Sweet2.001020(0)0(0)6.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Bird1-1717J Bird(13) J Wileman(4)3.2
K Page2-3821K Page(14) J Wileman(5)6.2
M Lassiter3-5113M Lassiter(4) J Wileman(9)11.3
F Tompsett4-6312F Tompsett(5) J Wileman(6)15.5
D Allen5-674D Allen(1) J Wileman(3)17.4
L Tuck6-736L Tuck(5) J Wileman(1)19.4
A Hlobil7-11441A Hlobil(16) J Wileman(22)31.4
J Wileman8-15642J Wileman(20) G Compton(16)37.1
A Wileman9-1571A Wileman(0) G Compton(1)37.3
J Tuck10-1658J Tuck(4) G Compton(1)38.5
Guildford CC Development XI
A Sweetb K Page48473690102.13
O Martinnot out44438051102.33
F McMillan*not out644844110133.33
J McMillan
W Jenner
D Bell
H Jones
H McMillan
J Kher+
R Garcha
M Holland
Extras0nb 6w 0lb 4b 0pen 10
Total166for 1
A Hlobil3.002000(0)0(0)0.006.67
J Tuck5.003100(0)0(0)0.006.20
K Page4.002311(1)0(0)25.005.75
G Compton4.004502(3)0(0)0.0011.25
A Wileman5.002902(2)0(0)0.005.80
F Tompsett2.001400(0)0(0)0.007.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
A Sweet1-6565A Sweet(48) O Martin(12)10.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: G Stevens D Corstorphine
Scorers: A Barker M Montgomery