Premier Division 1st XI Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI v North Devon CC 1st XI
Saturday, June 17 2017 (12:30) at Recreation Ground
North Devon CC 1st XI Won By 64 runs
North Devon CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
North Devon CC 1st XI Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI
301 for 7 (50.0 overs)237 all out (47.4 overs)
3 Hours, 5 Minutes.3 Hours, 1 Minutes.
North Devon CC 1st XI
T Ansellc C Bradleyb M Golding48791025060.76
T Pophamb C Bradley829511212086.32
C Hotham+st L Hammettb R Bougourd2331354074.19
J Overtonc P Bradleyb T Codd57344244167.65
S Jamesnot out2733452081.82
J Kingb L Jongwe25212030119.05
E Yeo*c L Jongweb R Bougourd3430075.00
J Kellyrun out(L Hammett)33400100.00
A Huxtablenot out11000100.00
R Kelly
M Westaway
Extras1nb 13w 5lb 13b 0pen 32
Total301for 7
H Whitlock4.001500(0)0(0)0.003.75
M Golding10.024711(1)0(0)61.004.70
L Jongwe7.003612(4)0(0)44.005.14
T Codd10.007213(3)0(0)63.007.20
C Bradley10.004210(0)0(0)60.004.20
R Bougourd9.007121(5)1(1)28.007.89
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Ansell1-139139T Ansell(48) T Popham(76)27.1
T Popham2-14910T Popham(6) C Hotham(4)30.1
C Hotham3-21263C Hotham(19) J Overton(39)38.1
J Overton4-23523J Overton(18) S James(4)41.4
J King5-28045J King(25) S James(18)47.5
E Yeo6-29010E Yeo(3) S James(2)48.5
J Kelly7-30010J Kelly(3) S James(3)49.5
Bovey Tracey CC 1st XI
P Bradley*c and bM Westaway3648607075.00
J Mailinglbwb J King748210010090.24
A Fairbairnc M Westawayb S James520170025.00
M Goldingb A Huxtable033000.00
L Jongwec C Hothamb R Kelly2627421196.30
L Hammett+c A Huxtableb J Overton2337522062.16
C Sheenb J King1315131186.67
T Coddnot out1225400048.00
C Bradleylbwb J Overton011000.00
R Bougourdb M Westaway2830242193.33
H Whitlocklbwb M Westaway011000.00
Extras4nb 9w 3lb 4b 0pen 20
Total237all out
J Overton6.012022(2)0(0)19.003.33
R Kelly9.006914(4)2(3)60.007.67
M Westaway8.404231(1)0(0)17.674.85
S James10.013210(0)0(0)60.003.20
A Huxtable4.003010(0)1(1)25.007.50
J King10.013722(2)0(0)31.003.70
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
P Bradley1-9090P Bradley(36) J Mailing(49)16.4
A Fairbairn2-10515A Fairbairn(5) J Mailing(9)21.4
M Golding3-1061M Golding(0) J Mailing(1)22.2
J Mailing4-13630J Mailing(15) L Jongwe(13)26.4
L Jongwe5-16125L Jongwe(13) L Hammett(11)33.2
C Sheen6-18423C Sheen(13) L Hammett(6)36.2
L Hammett7-1928L Hammett(6) T Codd(2)39.4
C Bradley8-1920C Bradley(0) T Codd(0)39.5
R Bougourd9-23745R Bougourd(28) T Codd(10)47.3
H Whitlock10-2370H Whitlock(0) T Codd(0)47.4
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: N Piddock B Pitman
Scorers: J Rogers G Coish
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