A Division 1st XI Chudleigh CC 1st XI v Ivybridge CC 1st XI
Saturday, August 05 2017 (12:30) at Kate Brook
Chudleigh CC 1st XI Won By 2 wickets
Ivybridge CC 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Ivybridge CC 1st XI Chudleigh CC 1st XI
241 for 5 (50.0 overs)242 for 8 (49.1 overs)
2 Hours, 52 Minutes.2 Hours, 48 Minutes.
Ivybridge CC 1st XI
AS Kopparambilc M Russellb R Clarke3363625052.38
JP Zimmermanlbwb G Stone667510111088.00
AJ Huxtablelbwb R Clarke1418231177.78
SJC De Silvanot out6475876185.33
HJ Solomonc M Heatherb G Stone923180039.13
KO Trent*b M Heather416150025.00
GT Thompson+not out38303530126.67
JP Bullock
JT Coker
SJ Northmore
C O'Keefe
Extras0nb 12w 1lb 0b 0pen 13
Total241for 5
B Holmes10.025203(3)0(0)0.005.20
M Russell8.003501(5)0(0)0.004.38
W Heather5.003101(2)0(0)0.006.20
R Clarke10.023320(0)0(0)30.003.30
E Foreman2.001600(0)0(0)0.008.00
G Stone10.015021(1)0(0)30.505.00
M Heather5.012311(1)0(0)31.004.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
AS Kopparambil1-7979AS Kopparambil(33) JP Zimmerman(38)17.5
AJ Huxtable2-11637AJ Huxtable(14) JP Zimmerman(21)23.5
JP Zimmerman3-12812JP Zimmerman(7) SJC De Silva(5)28.2
HJ Solomon4-14820HJ Solomon(9) SJC De Silva(11)34.4
KO Trent5-1579KO Trent(4) SJC De Silva(4)39.6
Chudleigh CC 1st XI
M Solway+c GT Thompsonb JP Bullock021000.00
G Stonec AS Kopparambilb HJ Solomon4682806056.10
M Heatherc GT Thompsonb SJ Northmore49941005052.13
S Newlandb HJ Solomon1440025.00
E Foreman*not out81628381130.65
S Plumbc SJ Northmoreb SJC De Silva1317201076.47
W Heatherb JP Bullock410130040.00
R Clarkec JP Zimmermanb KO Trent1315211086.67
J Beerlbwb JT Coker032000.00
M Russellnot out76700116.67
B Holmes
Extras0nb 16w 9lb 3b 0pen 28
Total242for 8
JP Bullock10.015622(2)0(0)31.005.60
JT Coker8.105416(10)0(0)55.006.61
HJ Solomon10.011821(1)0(0)30.501.80
SJC De Silva10.004112(2)0(0)62.004.10
SJ Northmore8.004211(1)0(0)49.005.25
KO Trent3.001910(0)0(0)18.006.33
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Solway1-00M Solway(0) G Stone(0)0.2
G Stone2-9595G Stone(46) M Heather(31)25.6
S Newland3-972S Newland(1) M Heather(1)27.2
M Heather4-12225M Heather(17) E Foreman(7)32.4
S Plumb5-16745S Plumb(13) E Foreman(32)39.2
W Heather6-19023W Heather(4) E Foreman(15)42.1
R Clarke7-22333R Clarke(13) E Foreman(17)46.6
J Beer8-2241J Beer(0) E Foreman(0)47.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Green
Umpires: R Wheatley R Weare
Scorers: J Sparkes