Friendly CricX Day Sixers v CricX Day Scorchers
Thursday, August 10 2017 (17:07) at Reigate Priory CC
CricX Day Sixers Won By 3 wickets
CricX Day Scorchers won toss and decided to bat
CricX Day Scorchers CricX Day Sixers
127 for 10 (20.0 overs)128 for 8 (19.1 overs)
1 Hour, 38 Minutes.1 Hour, 20 Minutes.
CricX Day Scorchers
T Treblec subb A Cheema2560040.00
L Udarac R Haughtonb D Ross-Watt38110037.50
G Abrahamsb J Underwood55426453130.95
I Thomasb M Warsnop871810114.29
S Hall+c M Warsnopb C Floyd1240050.00
G Stonec subb D Ross-Watt3536511297.22
K Carmichaelc J Underwoodb M Warsnop6761085.71
S Chathurangab A Cheema771710100.00
A Dahlc subb D Ross-Watt022000.00
T Khanc J Underwoodb A Cheema1360033.33
R Oliver*not out012000.00
S Hussain
Extras0nb 3w 6lb 0b 0pen 9
Total127for 10
D Ross-Watt4.002030(0)0(0)8.005.00
A Cheema4.002631(1)0(0)8.336.50
C Floyd4.002410(0)0(0)24.006.00
M Warsnop4.001621(1)0(0)12.504.00
N Smit2.102101(1)0(0)0.009.69
J Underwood1.501410(0)0(0)11.007.64
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Treble1-33T Treble(2) L Udara(1)1.4
L Udara2-52L Udara(2) G Abrahams(0)2.3
I Thomas3-4742I Thomas(8) G Abrahams(31)6.3
S Hall4-492S Hall(1) G Abrahams(0)7.1
G Abrahams5-10253G Abrahams(24) G Stone(27)15.2
K Carmichael6-11311K Carmichael(6) G Stone(5)16.6
G Stone7-12411G Stone(3) S Chathuranga(6)18.4
A Dahl8-1240A Dahl(0) S Chathuranga(0)18.6
S Chathuranga9-1262S Chathuranga(1) T Khan(1)19.3
T Khan10-1271T Khan(0) R Oliver(0)19.6
CricX Day Sixers
M Smit*c subb G Stone37375550100.00
B Pricec subb T Khan4581080.00
N Smitc subb T Khan5881062.50
M Rawatlbwb S Hussain023000.00
J Forresterb S Hussain022000.00
J Underwoodrun out(S Hall)810231080.00
Q O'Connor+not out2637321070.27
C Floydrun out(S Chathuranga)32400150.00
M Warsnoprun out(A Dahl)1071401142.86
D Ross-Wattnot out126520200.00
A Cheema
R Haughton
Extras1nb 12w 3lb 2b 5pen 23
Total128for 8
S Hussain4.002321(1)0(0)12.505.75
T Khan3.001022(2)0(0)10.003.33
K Carmichael2.001803(8)0(0)0.009.00
S Chathuranga4.002300(0)0(0)0.005.75
G Stone3.102111(1)0(0)20.006.63
A Dahl3.002300(0)1(1)0.007.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
B Price1-1414B Price(4) M Smit(10)1.6
N Smit2-239N Smit(5) M Smit(2)3.5
M Rawat3-291M Rawat(0) M Smit(1)4.3
J Forrester4-290J Forrester(0) M Smit(0)4.5
J Underwood5-6536J Underwood(8) M Smit(17)9.3
M Smit6-7611M Smit(7) Q O'Connor(4)11.3
C Floyd7-826C Floyd(3) Q O'Connor(2)12.3
M Warsnop8-10927M Warsnop(10) Q O'Connor(15)17.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
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