A Division 1st XI Lewdown CC 1st XI v Hatherleigh CC, Devon 1st XI
Saturday, September 02 2017 (11:38) at Lewdown
Hatherleigh CC, Devon 1st XI Won By 138 runs
Hatherleigh CC, Devon 1st XI won toss and decided to bat
Hatherleigh CC, Devon 1st XI Lewdown CC 1st XI
229 for 9 (50.0 overs)91 all out (35.5 overs)
2 Hours, 33 Minutes.2 Hours, 2 Minutes.
Hatherleigh CC, Devon 1st XI
M Thomasb D Ball2952504155.77
R Fishleighb D Visser2046463043.48
G Tidballc A Weeksb M Witcher2932404090.63
R Davies+c D Visserb D Ball5672704277.78
C Nielsonb L Horn620160030.00
D Forresterc T Pearseb D Visser1829202062.07
T Strawbridgeb D Visser2470050.00
M Lake*c J Williamsb M Witcher1922231086.36
N Leahyc M Witcherb L Horn513170038.46
J Wealenot out3450075.00
S Letherennot out117401157.14
Extras1nb 18w 8lb 4b 0pen 31
Total229for 9
N Smith7.04400(0)0(0)0.000.57
T Pearse7.003802(3)0(0)0.005.43
D Ball10.004920(0)0(0)30.004.90
D Visser10.023931(3)1(1)20.673.90
L Horn8.004123(5)0(0)25.505.13
M Witcher8.004626(7)0(0)27.005.75
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Fishleigh1-5454R Fishleigh(20) M Thomas(25)15.5
M Thomas2-584M Thomas(4) G Tidball(0)16.3
G Tidball3-12466G Tidball(29) R Davies(28)28.5
C Nielson4-14521C Nielson(6) R Davies(15)35.2
R Davies5-17934R Davies(13) D Forrester(14)40.5
D Forrester6-1845D Forrester(4) T Strawbridge(1)41.5
T Strawbridge7-1862T Strawbridge(1) M Lake(1)43.1
N Leahy8-21024N Leahy(5) M Lake(16)47.4
M Lake9-2144M Lake(2) J Weale(1)48.3
Lewdown CC 1st XI
D Ballc C Nielsonb S Letheren11101420110.00
D Visserb M Lake40851192147.06
L Hornc M Lakeb J Weale2560040.00
J Williamsst R Daviesb M Thomas1026252038.46
H Gearinglbwb M Lake065000.00
A Creaseyst R Daviesb M Lake1750014.29
M Witcher*c R Fishleighb M Lake1331222041.94
T Pengelly+c and bC Nielson01619000.00
T Pearsec D Forresterb M Lake31380023.08
A Weeksb T Strawbridge216100012.50
N Smithnot out002000.00
Extras0nb 8w 1lb 0b 0pen 9
Total91all out
J Weale6.021410(0)0(0)36.002.33
S Letheren4.001411(2)0(0)25.003.50
M Thomas8.002612(2)0(0)50.003.25
M Lake9.04751(1)0(0)11.000.78
C Nielson7.012713(3)0(0)45.003.86
T Strawbridge1.50210(0)0(0)11.001.09
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Ball1-1515D Ball(11) D Visser(4)3.1
L Horn2-183L Horn(2) D Visser(1)4.5
J Williams3-3214J Williams(10) D Visser(2)11.2
H Gearing4-342H Gearing(0) D Visser(1)12.4
A Creasey5-384A Creasey(1) D Visser(3)14.3
M Witcher6-6325M Witcher(13) D Visser(11)22.6
T Pengelly7-7916T Pengelly(0) D Visser(13)29.1
T Pearse8-878T Pearse(3) D Visser(4)32.3
D Visser9-914D Visser(1) A Weeks(2)34.6
A Weeks10-910A Weeks(0) N Smith(0)35.5
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: R Wheatley R Weare
Scorers: S Tidball P Geering