Premier League Cheadle 1 XI v Toft CC 1 XI
Saturday, September 16 2017 (12:00) at Cheadle
Cheadle 1 XI Won By 5 wickets
Cheadle 1 XI won toss and decided to field
Toft CC 1 XI Cheadle 1 XI
145 all out (31.5 overs)149 for 5 (29.4 overs)
1 Hour, 47 Minutes.1 Hour, 39 Minutes.
Toft CC 1 XI
H Hughesc S Poveyb H Appleyard915111060.00
T Forsterc G Dixonb D Brown3653684067.92
R Jonesc J Doolerb R Amin15121121125.00
T Drummond*c D Brownb N Yousaf815180053.33
J Drummondc G Dixonb J Dooler1312830108.33
S Hatcherb W Holmes1824252075.00
M Leathleyst E Bullockb W Holmes1720183085.00
J Gates+b W Holmes14122202116.67
J Lomasc H Appleyardb D Brown51370038.46
P Talbotnot out89101088.89
J Hodgsonc N Yousafb W Holmes076000.00
Extras1nb 0w 1lb 0b 0pen 2
Total145all out
R Amin6.003410(0)0(0)36.005.67
H Appleyard5.002310(0)0(0)30.004.60
N Yousaf3.001110(0)0(0)18.003.67
J Dooler5.002610(0)0(0)30.005.20
W Holmes7.512640(0)1(1)12.003.32
D Brown5.002420(0)0(0)15.004.80
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
H Hughes1-1515H Hughes(9) T Forster(6)3.4
R Jones2-3722R Jones(15) T Forster(6)6.2
T Drummond3-6124T Drummond(8) T Forster(16)11.4
J Drummond4-7817J Drummond(13) T Forster(4)14.5
T Forster5-9618T Forster(4) S Hatcher(14)20.6
S Hatcher6-11014S Hatcher(4) M Leathley(10)23.3
M Leathley7-12313M Leathley(7) J Gates(6)25.4
J Lomas8-1285J Lomas(5) J Gates(0)28.3
J Gates9-14214J Gates(8) P Talbot(6)29.5
J Hodgson10-1453J Hodgson(0) P Talbot(2)31.5
Cheadle 1 XI
N Yousafrun out(H Hughes)41181036.36
G Dixonb P Talbot2425282096.00
E Bullock+c M Leathleyb T Forster20202831100.00
R Aminc and bJ Lomas1943543044.19
D Brown*c R Jonesb J Lomas34292751117.24
W Holmesnot out3339335084.62
Z Muazzamnot out513141038.46
J Dooler
S Povey
H Appleyard
R Nicholson
Extras2nb 2w 2lb 4b 0pen 10
Total149for 5
T Forster7.014010(0)2(2)44.005.71
P Talbot9.024310(0)0(0)54.004.78
J Lomas8.013021(1)0(0)24.503.75
J Hodgson5.002201(1)0(0)0.004.40
M Leathley0.40800(0)0(0)0.0012.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
N Yousaf1-77N Yousaf(4) G Dixon(3)2.2
G Dixon2-4841G Dixon(21) E Bullock(15)7.5
E Bullock3-546E Bullock(5) R Amin(0)10.1
D Brown4-9844D Brown(34) R Amin(8)18.2
R Amin5-12325R Amin(11) W Holmes(12)24.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: G Kinsey D Tate
Scorers: S Burley J Nuttall
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