Friendly Bradfield College 1st XI v Berkshire C C C Under 17 Development Side
Sunday, April 19 2015 (11:30) at Pit
Berkshire C C C Under 17 Development Side won toss and decided to field
Bradfield College 1st XI Berkshire C C C Under 17 Development Side
275 for 5 (50.0 overs)122 all out (35.3 overs)
3 Hours, 19 Minutes.2 Hours, 22 Minutes.
Bradfield College 1st XI
C Gwynnc C Bruceb U Ul-Haq29180022.22
S Linesc D Bishopb P Healy2435494068.57
H Camenot out11714118012282.98
A Higginsonc M Cowdellb D Bishop1632442050.00
A Atkinsonb S Mangat5962708195.16
O Bakerc T Howorthb S Mangat032000.00
J Thompsonnot out27182811150.00
O Chatwin
O Cox
O Birts
S Waddington
Extras0nb 29w 0lb 1b 0pen 30
Total275for 5
U Ul-Haq6.002717(7)0(0)43.004.50
P Healy10.014917(9)0(0)67.004.90
M Baker-Smith10.004802(2)0(0)0.004.80
D Bishop10.004411(1)0(0)61.004.40
A Stewart1.001402(2)0(0)0.0014.00
S Mangat8.004722(6)0(0)25.005.88
P Bhachu5.004501(2)0(0)0.009.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Gwynn1-1919C Gwynn(2) S Lines(12)4.2
S Lines2-5536S Lines(12) H Came(20)11.2
A Higginson3-10045A Higginson(16) H Came(26)23.4
A Atkinson4-205105A Atkinson(59) H Came(31)42.2
O Baker5-2050O Baker(0) H Came(0)42.5
Berkshire C C C Under 17 Development Side
M Cowdellb O Cox624201025.00
A Stewartc S Waddingtonb O Chatwin519350026.32
M Baker-Smithc O Birtsb S Waddington5472999175.00
T Predgenc A Atkinsonb O Cox036000.00
P Bhachulbwb S Waddington1321223061.90
T Howorth+c A Higginsonb O Birts521250023.81
B Wardnot out1334501038.24
S Mangatc C Gwynnb H Came39100033.33
D Bishopc A Higginsonb C Gwynn55410100.00
P Healyc A Higginsonb H Came1650016.67
C Bruceabsent000000.00
U Ul-Haq
Extras1nb 13w 0lb 3b 0pen 17
Total122all out
A Atkinson3.01201(1)0(0)0.000.67
O Cox9.003824(4)1(1)29.504.22
O Chatwin3.001715(5)0(0)23.005.67
S Lines4.021100(0)0(0)0.002.75
S Waddington9.012522(2)0(0)28.002.78
O Birts5.021910(0)0(0)30.003.80
H Came1.30120(0)0(0)4.500.67
C Gwynn1.00611(1)0(0)7.006.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
M Cowdell1-1010M Cowdell(6) A Stewart(1)5.3
A Stewart2-2212A Stewart(4) M Baker-Smith(6)8.1
T Predgen3-286T Predgen(0) M Baker-Smith(4)9.3
P Bhachu4-5325P Bhachu(13) M Baker-Smith(10)15.4
T Howorth5-6815T Howorth(5) M Baker-Smith(10)22.2
M Baker-Smith6-10739M Baker-Smith(24) B Ward(12)31.2
S Mangat7-1158S Mangat(3) B Ward(1)33.3
D Bishop8-1205D Bishop(5) B Ward(0)34.2
P Healy9-1222P Healy(1) B Ward(0)35.3
C Bruce9-1220C Bruce(0) B Ward(0)35.3
Weather: Windy & Cold Pitch: Green
Umpires: G Watkins D Hogg PJ Coleman PJ Coleman
Referee: PJ Coleman
Scorers: PJ Coleman T Bruce