East Anglian Premier League (120 over) 2018- Swardeston CC 1st XI v Mildenhall CC, Suffolk 1st XI
Saturday, July 07 2018 (11:00) at The Common, Swardeston
Swardeston CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Mildenhall CC, Suffolk 1st XI Swardeston CC 1st XI
361 all out (62.5 overs)309 for 9 (57.0 overs)
4 Hours, 5 Minutes.3 Hours, 44 Minutes.
Mildenhall CC, Suffolk 1st XI
J Reedc LRK Denmarkb TRS Oxley911102081.82
J Allenlbwb JAJ Flatt491011267048.51
NA Maiolob PA Lambert131128167203102.34
JA Stamatisc JP Taylorb TRS Oxley1017212058.82
TWW Rash*c MW Thomasb PA Lambert2534515073.53
AD Trettb TRS Oxley3943427090.70
T Allenlbwb JAJ Flatt5981055.56
M Allenb TRS Oxley27233640117.39
E Finnis+b TRS Oxley010000.00
H Douglaslbwb JS Gatting064000.00
M Hussainnot out914170064.29
Extras16nb 6w 6lb 29b 0pen 57
Total361all out
TRS Oxley15.515450(0)0(0)19.003.41
FWA Ruffell10.007501(1)6(12)0.007.50
MW Thomas15.015701(5)0(0)0.003.80
JS Gatting8.004610(0)2(4)50.005.75
JAJ Flatt7.015120(0)0(0)21.007.29
JP Taylor1.001000(0)0(0)0.0010.00
PA Lambert6.013320(0)0(0)18.005.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Reed1-1010J Reed(9) J Allen(1)2.3
J Allen2-176166J Allen(48) NA Maiolo(80)32.5
JA Stamatis3-20731JA Stamatis(10) NA Maiolo(19)37.5
NA Maiolo4-25851NA Maiolo(32) TWW Rash(13)44.1
TWW Rash5-29133TWW Rash(12) AD Trett(17)50.4
T Allen6-3009T Allen(5) AD Trett(0)53.1
AD Trett7-33030AD Trett(22) M Allen(8)56.4
E Finnis8-3300E Finnis(0) M Allen(0)56.5
H Douglas9-3311H Douglas(0) M Allen(1)57.6
M Allen10-36130M Allen(18) M Hussain(9)62.5
Swardeston CC 1st XI
JP Taylorc E Finnisb M Hussain4359717072.88
JD Reynoldsc E Finnisb TWW Rash810172080.00
SK Gray+c E Finnisb M Allen9612415910077.42
JS Gatting*lbwb H Douglas53484843110.42
PA Lambertc H Douglasb NA Maiolo66610100.00
LRK Denmarkc M Hussainb NA Maiolo68140075.00
FWA Ruffellc NA Maiolob M Allen59374744159.46
JO Elliottc M Allenb NA Maiolo2238474057.89
MW Thomaslbwb M Allen010000.00
TRS Oxleynot out613321046.15
JAJ Flatt
Extras2nb 2w 5lb 1b 0pen 10
Total309for 9
TWW Rash12.017012(2)1(2)75.005.83
H Douglas9.014510(0)0(0)54.005.00
M Hussain12.016310(0)0(0)72.005.25
M Allen9.003930(0)0(0)18.004.33
NA Maiolo15.008630(0)0(0)30.005.73
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
JD Reynolds1-2121JD Reynolds(8) JP Taylor(13)4.3
JP Taylor2-8362JP Taylor(30) SK Gray(30)19.3
JS Gatting3-16178JS Gatting(53) SK Gray(23)33.5
PA Lambert4-1687PA Lambert(6) SK Gray(1)34.6
LRK Denmark5-19426LRK Denmark(6) SK Gray(20)38.5
SK Gray6-26268SK Gray(22) FWA Ruffell(43)47.1
FWA Ruffell7-28321FWA Ruffell(16) JO Elliott(4)49.4
MW Thomas8-2830MW Thomas(0) JO Elliott(0)49.5
JO Elliott9-30926JO Elliott(18) TRS Oxley(6)56.6
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: N Crickmore B Eagleton