County Championship Middlesex v Surrey
Wednesday, March 13 2019 (11:00) to Saturday, March 16 2019 at Lord's
Day 1: (Close of Play) Middlesex lead by 145 runs Surrey 183 for 8 (37.0 overs)
Middlesex won toss and decided to bat
Middlesex (1st Innings) Surrey (1st Innings)
328 for 10 (63.2 overs)183 for 8 (37.0 overs)
1 Hour, 48 Minutes.56 Minutes.
Middlesex (2nd Innings) Surrey (2nd Innings)
Middlesex (1st Innings)
NRT Gubbinsb SM Curran1954201035.19
SD Robsonrun out(BT Foakes)21530013.33
SS Eskinazic BT Foakesb R Clarke3941155095.12
DJ Malan*c GJ Battyb TK Curran6688714175.00
MDE Holdenlbwb R Clarke5999762059.60
JA Simpson+not out51491720104.08
JAR Harrisb SC Meaker1420025.00
TS Roland-Jonesst BT Foakesb R Clarke3513433269.23
ER Bamberb SC Meaker2410050.00
TG Helmhit wicketb SC Meaker1210110120.00
TJ Murtaghc AJ Finchb SM Curran147121200.00
Extras8nb 3w 13lb 4b 0pen 28
Total328for 10
SC Meaker16.0110530(0)4(8)33.336.56
TK Curran19.075510(0)0(0)114.002.89
SM Curran11.223420(0)0(0)34.003.00
R Clarke14.0010332(3)0(0)28.677.36
GJ Batty3.001400(0)0(0)0.004.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
SD Robson1-1717SD Robson(2) NRT Gubbins(1)4.2
SS Eskinazi2-7659SS Eskinazi(39) NRT Gubbins(18)17.2
NRT Gubbins3-804NRT Gubbins(0) DJ Malan(4)18.3
DJ Malan4-193113DJ Malan(62) MDE Holden(43)45.5
MDE Holden5-22835MDE Holden(16) JA Simpson(19)52.3
JAR Harris6-2291JAR Harris(1) JA Simpson(0)53.1
TS Roland-Jones7-27546TS Roland-Jones(35) JA Simpson(10)56.4
ER Bamber8-28611ER Bamber(2) JA Simpson(9)59.1
TG Helm9-30418TG Helm(12) JA Simpson(6)61.2
TJ Murtagh10-32824TJ Murtagh(14) JA Simpson(7)63.2
Surrey (1st Innings)
RJ Burns*lbwb TJ Murtagh5168353075.00
MD Stonemanb TJ Murtagh021000.00
AJ Finchc NRT Gubbinsb TS Roland-Jones101562066.67
D Elgarlbwb TJ Murtagh102120047.62
OJD Poperun out(TJ Murtagh)1726220065.38
BT Foakes+lbwb ER Bamber8911088.89
R Clarkenot out5060227083.33
SM Curranc TS Roland-Jonesb ER Bamber1081600125.00
GJ Battyb TS Roland-Jones3800037.50
TK Currannot out3530060.00
SC Meaker
Extras0nb 0w 20lb 1b 0pen 21
Total183for 8
TJ Murtagh13.043030(0)0(0)26.002.31
TS Roland-Jones8.013920(0)0(0)24.004.88
TG Helm5.003600(0)0(0)0.007.20
JAR Harris5.002600(0)0(0)0.005.20
ER Bamber5.003120(0)0(0)15.006.20
MDE Holden1.01000(0)0(0)0.000.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
MD Stoneman1-11MD Stoneman(0) RJ Burns(1)0.6
AJ Finch2-1615AJ Finch(10) RJ Burns(5)5.4
D Elgar3-3721D Elgar(10) RJ Burns(11)10.6
OJD Pope4-7740OJD Pope(17) RJ Burns(16)18.4
BT Foakes5-9114BT Foakes(8) RJ Burns(6)21.2
RJ Burns6-12534RJ Burns(12) R Clarke(14)26.6
SM Curran7-15631SM Curran(10) R Clarke(21)29.6
GJ Batty8-1593GJ Batty(3) R Clarke(0)31.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: RJ Bailey ID Blackwell
Scorers: DK Shelley P Makepeace