Friendly Northern CC 1st XI v Wigan CC 1st XI
Saturday, May 14 2022 (12:00) at Moor Park
Northern CC 1st XI Won By 82 runs
Wigan CC 1st XI won toss and decided to field
Northern CC 1st XI Wigan CC 1st XI
225 for 7 dec (53.4 overs)143 all out (44.3 overs)
3 Hours, 21 Minutes.2 Hours, 29 Minutes.
Northern CC 1st XI
S Colec A Wakhareb J Richardson01111000.00
J Kennedynot out10014720113068.03
C Lakerc P Howleyb A Samouelle10102010100.00
A Clarkeb A Wakhare2091650222.22
L Greyb J Richardson1860012.50
J Brownec P Howleyb A Wakhare2671715036.62
J Cole*+c J Leylandb A Wakhare324210012.50
D Wilsonlbwb A Wakhare2231351070.97
G Liebenbergnot out22131621169.23
Q Titterton
T Sephton
Extras2nb 3w 9lb 7b 0pen 21
Total225for 7 dec
J Richardson10.052020(0)0(0)30.002.00
A Samouelle5.013512(2)0(0)32.007.00
A Wakhare21.436240(0)0(0)32.502.86
A Miakhel8.004300(0)2(2)0.005.38
J Hampson9.014901(1)0(0)0.005.44
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Cole1-00S Cole(0) J Kennedy(0)2.5
C Laker2-1919C Laker(10) J Kennedy(6)7.5
A Clarke3-4728A Clarke(20) J Kennedy(8)11.2
L Grey4-481L Grey(1) J Kennedy(0)12.6
J Browne5-11264J Browne(26) J Kennedy(32)33.2
J Cole6-12917J Cole(3) J Kennedy(10)39.6
D Wilson7-17647D Wilson(22) J Kennedy(23)49.4
Wigan CC 1st XI
C Taylor*lbwb T Sephton3978937050.00
J Richardsonc D Wilsonb L Grey1527383055.56
J Burrowsc J Kennedyb T Sephton1718224094.44
A Redmondlbwb T Sephton324180012.50
J Leylandlbwb D Wilson101391076.92
J Hampsonc S Coleb D Wilson20192430105.26
P Howley+c L Greyb T Sephton4571080.00
A Miakhelc J Coleb T Sephton01510000.00
P Fairhurstc C Lakerb T Sephton068000.00
A Wakharec C Lakerb T Sephton2838333073.68
A Samouellenot out326280011.54
Extras2nb 0w 2lb 0b 0pen 4
Total143all out
L Grey7.012310(0)0(0)42.003.29
Q Titterton7.013000(0)2(2)0.004.29
T Sephton15.373770(0)0(0)13.292.39
D Wilson14.035120(0)0(0)42.003.64
A Clarke1.01000(0)0(0)0.000.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Richardson1-3232J Richardson(15) C Taylor(17)9.3
J Burrows2-5624J Burrows(17) C Taylor(6)14.5
A Redmond3-6812A Redmond(3) C Taylor(9)22.2
J Leyland4-8517J Leyland(10) C Taylor(7)25.6
C Taylor5-850C Taylor(0) J Hampson(0)26.3
P Howley6-894P Howley(4) J Hampson(0)28.2
A Miakhel7-10920A Miakhel(0) J Hampson(20)32.5
J Hampson8-1090J Hampson(0) P Fairhurst(0)33.1
P Fairhurst9-1134P Fairhurst(0) A Wakhare(4)34.5
A Wakhare10-14330A Wakhare(24) A Samouelle(3)44.3
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard